CRYSTAL GOODWIN BODY FOUND, Naked, Lacerated, Bloody: Family Becomes Hysterical To See Her Lifeless Body

Nov 24, 2014 10:32 PM EST | By ABC


Crystal Goodwin body found was naked and covered with blood. Goodwin's lifeless body was found on Sunday afternoon behind a warehouse in South Philadelphia after police has identified her through her photos and tattoo pictures the family has provided.

Goodwin has been missing since Wednesday a day after her release from the prison on Tuesday.  Her body was found by a man who was passing by the area around 2pm in the 1900 block of South Christopher Columbus Boulevard near the Columbus Commons shopping mall.

Crystal Goodwin body found was bloody and had laceration on her rib cage, the man who saw Goodwin's body told the police.  She was also lying on weeds and has no clothes on.  The moment the passersby saw the naked bloody body of Goodwin he believed that she was dead.

Philadelphia police responded to the scene immediately and was inspecting and gathering evidences on the site until the family of Goodwin unexpectedly appeared. The man who saw Goodwin's body described her only as a white female whose age is between 35 to 40.

Crystal Goodwin body found was identified by the Philadelphia police after relatives showed them Crystal Goodwin's photo and picture of her tattoo.  Police authorities said that the photos matched the identification of the naked, bloody body of the woman found.

Crystal Goodwin body found was easily identified by authorities after her family members appeared in the site. That time, Goodwin's family was on their way to the Columbus Commons shopping mall to buy stuff for Thanksgiving Day.

The paramedics pronounced Crystal Goodwin dead at the scene.

The family was distraught to know Crystal Goodwin body found was lifeless. In some minutes Goodwin's mother came to the scene and was hysterical to see the bad fate of her daughter. The scene created commotion at the area where shoppers accumulated to witness the crime.

"Is it a girl? Is it a girl? Is it my daughter? No, no, don't tell," Carol Goodwin, Crystal Goodwin's mother was saying as she was wailing to see the lifeless body of her daughter.

Lydia Callsen, the mother of Crystal Goodwin's boyfriend, told authorities that her son and Crystal Goodwin have a daughter.  She also added that she was charged for repeated cases of theft and drug addiction with a recent case in August.

Bystanders was distressed to witness such brutal crime happened just before the Thanksgiving Day.

Authorities are saying that it is a case of homicide but they are not yet concluding until all investigations are cleared. Philadelphia police are also reviewing the surveillance video to see probable clues for Crystal Goodwin body found behind the warehouse near the Columbus Commons shopping mall.

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