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A Waiter Serves Bread

Weight Counts: Waiter Weight Affects Food Choices in Restaurants - See How

In a study called 'The Waiter's Weight: Does a Server's BMI Relate to How Much Food Diners Order?' by researchers Tim Döring and Brian Wansink, which was published in the Environment and Behavior journal, the diner-waiter relationship is explained in-depth. Besides music affecting dining behaviour - e.g. Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift music in the background make certain food taste great while Justin Bieber music and similar tunes lessen the appeal of food - or lighting and the general ambience affecting the enjoyment of a meal, the people involved in the meal apparently also play significant roles.

Coca Cola is looking into serving healthy drinks.

Coca Cola Soon To Run Healthy Carbonated Fruit Drinks Line?

Beverage giant Coca Cola may be looking to expand its line of drinks to include carbonated fruit juice products with 20 percent real juice content by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research unit Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI). The carbonated fruit juice products based on grape, apple and pomegranate developed by CFTRI has a four-month shelf life and is replete with health benefits that have strong potentials in the wellness and healthy options market.

Pizza Hut: This popular pizza chain is in America's top 8 food franchises.

8 Top Food Franchises in the US

Food chain franchise is often much more for people than a simple food business venture. For some it is a real estate purchase since the presence of food businesses, especially of the big chain type, tend to contribute to real estate value change. McDonald's Fast Food Franchises founder Ray Kroc, for example, once said: "We're not in the hamburger business. We're in show business." In the US, Entrepreneur.com compiled this list of best franchises based on expansion plans, financial stability, and franchise opening cost and summarised in Franchise 500 scores.

Spicy Black Bean Chilli

Healthy Spicy Black Bean Soup: Easy Cooking Tips To Follow [VIDEO]

Among the major food trends expected in 2016 this spicy black bean soup recipe by celebrated chef Jamie Oliver mixes the delights and amazing benefits of the humble black bean.

A rich, satisfying, gooey dessert.

8 Secrets to Making Pavlova: Take This Cooking Test Challenge [VIDEO]

The Pavlova meringue dessert is an elegant and delicious dessert choice. It is also one of the more challenging dessert dishes to try in the kitchen. Here are some easy-to-follow secrets to a successful attempt at legendary ballerina Anna Pavlova's Pavlova cake.

Hailee Steinfeld at Sugar Factory

Sugar Smart Smartphone App Receives Support From Weetabix, Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Morrison, Others

The Change4Life initiative's Sugar Smart campaign across England by the Public Health of England in the form of a smartphone app is receiving great support from such super chains as Tesco, Morrisons, Aldi and Asda and from such food manufacturers as Weetabix.

Cheese with bread is a classic all over the world.

27 Best-Loved Cheese and Bread Combinations Around The World: Panino, Banerov Hatz, Cuñapé, MORE

Here are some of the most interesting and beloved combinations of bread and cheese from different parts of the world as compiled by Food Republic and reported by The Huffington Post.

Pulses, seeds and beans will continue to grow in appeal for their health benefits and inexpensive cost.

12 Important Consumer Market Trend Changes

Changing consumer demands and needs are continually shaping market trends. Despite traditional defaults, manufacturers and producers understand the need to keep in step no just with what consumers want but also with what they need. Habits and trends that consumers picked up in the past year are now carrying over to 2016 in the shape of market offerings. Here are a few trend changes shared by branding expert and The Brand Incubator founder Claire Nuttall that are likely to become apparent in the coming months.

Author and Actress Alicia Silverstone

4 Easy Aids in Diet Cleansing: Smart Food Group Eliminations is Key

That ultimate change towards better health can begin with a one-month diet cleanse plan put together by Joy Bauer - 'Today Show' nutrition expert and Joy Bauer Nutrition Centers founder. In this plan, the change begins with cutting out foods that fall under four main food categories.

Is 'McDonald's Next' the future of McDonald's?

McDonald's Launches Exciting Store Concept With 'McDonald's Next' in Hong Kong

'McDonald's Next', as the brand new McDonald's store in Hong Kong is called, houses a new concept designed to turn around the fast food chain's tired, old image. The golden arches flies high with happy customers in Hong Kong and elsewhere around the globe applauding McDonald's innovative changes, which include the 'Create Your Taste' salad bar and a new design style replete with glass-cased kitchen counter salad showcase, wireless charging stations on each table and very current interior art.

Freshly brewed coffee drips into a cup

Coffee Surplus and Shortages: Global Projections

Production surplus from coffee growers as Brazil, Honduras and Columbia due to good farming and harvest conditions may see coffee prices dropping for a bit of a spell. In other parts of the world, however, premium variety coffee beans are facing a crisis of shortage.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver believes:

6 Essential Sugar Facts To Help Counter Addiction

The innocuous white substance that is so commonplace in every dinner table and abundantly present in virtually every meal has a far more devastating effect to the health than most people realise. Excessive consumption of sugar is one of the leading causes of a number of serious health conditions as obesity, Type 2 diabetes and cancers. Here are a few helpful facts on sugar and its consumption.

Celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis has some truly useful tips on how to prepare meals that can be frozen.

5 Dangerous Food Fallacies and Practices

Celebrated author and TV personality Julia Child once joked: "Always remember: If you're alone in the kitchen and you drop the lamb, you can always just pick it up. Who's going to know?" Kitchen practices in relation to food health and safety, in truth, have been evolving. Microbial activities, including bacterial benefits and detriments, have been undergoing a huge amount of demystification. A number of practices and measures believed to be safe - even healthy - in the past have been proved otherwise. A few of these have been compiled by food microbiologist and Food Safety Information Council vice president Cathy Moir.


6 Best Superfoods You Need To Get the Most Out of 2016

'Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future' author David Wolfe says: "We are eating too much of the wrong thing, and not enough of the right thing." Fortunately a much greater appreciation for healthy eating and food supplements as superfoods are now being seen among an ever widening audience. Here are a few of these wonders of nature recommended for 2016 as compiled in The Huffington Post.

Orthorexia Nervosa

Orthorexia Nervosa: Key Aspects of New Eating Disorder

Orthorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that begins with good intentions. Many associate its roots to clean eating - a healthy eating trend that originally targets reducing or eliminating toxic, unhealthy food items and practices from day to day meals. Clean eating has aided hugely in addresses rising cases of such health problems as obesity, heart diseases and diabetes. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, health blogger Jordan Younger and The Huffington Post's Besma Whayeb weigh in on this eating disorder that Dr. Steven Bratman called Orthorexia,

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Food Biz
Campbell Soup To Sell Danish Snacks Manufacturer To Ferrero Affiliate For $300 Million

Campbell Soup To Sell Danish Snacks Manufacturer To Ferrero Affiliate For $300 Million

Campbell Soup has announced it will sell its Danish baked snacks manufacturer Kelsen Group to CTH Invest, a Belgian holding company affiliated with the Nutella maker Ferrero, for $300 million. The transaction is subject to customary purchase price adjustments, and it is expected to be completed in the first quarter of fiscal 2020.

New Whiskies Well Worth Buying This Summer: Brown Is Beautiful

New Whiskies Well Worth Buying This Summer: Brown Is Beautiful

The newly appointed editor-in-chief of Esquire Magazine, Michael Sebastian, recently told the press that he wants to get away from the idea that the magazine's reader is "a middle-aged white guy who likes brown liquor and brown leather"). Which should send chills down the ad dept's spine working on those Scotch and bourbon accounts!

To Celebrate National Michelada Day On July 12: Everything You Need To Know

To Celebrate National Michelada Day On July 12: Everything You Need To Know

Adding a squeeze of fresh lime and a dash of salt to a lager or pilsner has long been Mexican tradition, and in the 1980s, this practice evolved into the refreshing beer cocktail known as a michelada. The popularity of the drink grew across Mexico and, thanks to the influx of immigrants, it translated well to restaurants and bars across the U.S.

Food Tech
Rosé Wine: Is Oak-Aged Rosé Wine Gilding the Lily?

Rosé Wine: Is Oak-Aged Rosé Wine Gilding the Lily?

Rosé wine is made in almost every region in the world, from many different grape varieties. And rose-colored wine is produced in a sweet, dry, sparkling, and even fortified style. Yet the classic style of dry rosé wine from Provence sets the trend that many other wine-producing regions around the world want to emulate.

Pastry Chef Dominique Ansel Celebrates 15 Years In NYC With A Sweet Tribute To The City

Pastry Chef Dominique Ansel Celebrates 15 Years In NYC With A Sweet Tribute To The City

Dominique Ansel moved from Paris to New York City to work at Daniel Boulud's French flagship Daniel as the executive pastry chef, a position he held for 6 years. Fast forward 15 years later, and Ansel has become a household name after the invention of a certain croissant-donut hybrid, and his namesake bakery has expanded beyond SoHo to include branches around the world.

This Is Where The Piña Colada Was Born

This Is Where The Piña Colada Was Born

As if you ever really need an excuse to order a piña colada, today is National Piña Colada Day, so go ahead and order that creamy, sweet, cocktail-meets-dessert libation that is best served on a sunny, tropical beach somewhere exotic.

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