A. Maralit

Dating Apps May Be Responsible for the Rise in STI

The rise in the popularity of dating apps has sparked concerns in the UK medical community most especially over increasing cases of sexually transmitted infections among heterosexuals.

Workplace Stress

Is Workplace Stress Taking 33 Years out of Your Life?

On average, people in certain parts of the country live 33 years longer than those in other parts.

Burj Khalifa Tower, Dubai

Unhappy Dubai Residents May have a Caller: The Police!

Respondents to a police survey, who admit to being unhappy, may receive a call from the authorities.

End of the Tunnel

Comfort to the Dying Brought by Near-death Experiences

Events that lead up to a person's death have often mystified. Histories and cultures are replete with near-death accounts of visions and dreams of the after-life and long gone relatives and friends.


Man with Different Genes in Saliva and Sperm Fails Paternity Test: Human Chimera is Real

A couple from Washington decided to undergo a paternity test after detemining a mismatch of their son's blood type against their own. The father subsequently failed the said test.

Bastian Schweinsteiger

German Football Captain and Man Utd Star Sues Makers of Nazi Bastian Dolls

Manchester United midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger went after the Chinese manufacturer of 'Bastian' dolls for the toy's uncanny resemblance to him. Bastian, a doll that depicts a Nazi in uniform is being sold by the Dragon in Dreams toy company, which is based in Hong Kong.

Microsoft Headquarters

The Quietest Place on Earth: Inside Microsoft’s Building 87

When air molecules collide they make a noise of -23db. The Brownian Motion, as this is called and the lowest noise known to man discounting the vacuum of space, is just negative 3 decibels more silent than the most quiet place on earth.

Baby Teeth

Passive Smoking Linked to Tooth Decay in Children

Research that linked dental decay among children and even adults to second-hand smoke determined that risk of this disease is doubled for children by the age of three after exposure to tobacco smoke beginning the age of four months.

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