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3 Healthy Snacks That Are Giving You Extra Pounds, Find out What to Splurge on Instead

Experts discovered that some healthy snacks are actually high in calories and are giving one extra pounds. This list reveals three healthy but fattening snacks and the corresponding substitute treats to eat instead.

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Love Your Sister: Studies Show How Sibling Relationships Are Linked to One's Happiness and Success

A compilation of studies found that relationships between siblings influence one’s well-being.

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Thanksgiving: Why America Should Make It the Official National Cheat Day?

Dietitian Roberta Anding suggested that not having ground for one day, especially on a holiday is not a bad thing. "For people who are on a diet, Thanksgiving Day should be crowned America's national 'Cheat Day,' Anding stated.

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Aged Just Like Good Wine: Give it Time, Squash Will Taste Better

Experts believe that like good wine, the quality of most squash enhances with the passing of time.

Nature Trip

Is Living Near Indiana State Park Good for You? Experts Suggest Residing in a Scenic Place to Improve One's Health

A new study found that nature is not the only contributor that improves one's health but residing in a scenic area is also good for a person's well-being

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3 Healthy Anti Aging Diets You Should Know

Costa Rica, Sardinia and Okinawa are the three of the places in the world with the longest-time living people. The secrets of their lengthy lives are attributed to what they eat.

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Could Chemotherapy Make the Disease Worse?

Experts and cancer survivor, Chris Wark explained the truth about chemotheraphy and why it may harm your health.

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Fat-Free Vegan Diet: Antidote for the Most Unwanted Acne

Twin sisters and famous Youtubers Nina and Randa suggested one formula that worked for them: Fat-Free Vegan diet.

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Experts Tell You How to Deal with Stress at Work

Here are 4 ways to stay calm at work even when there are deadlines to beat or one feels underpaid.

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3 Must Have Canned Goods at Home

Here are three canned foods that can be considered clean and smart to have in one's food storage.

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Misdiagnosed Health Issues: 3 Illnesses You Think You Don't Have But Actually Do

A study that was released in the journal BMJ Quality & Safety found that around 12 million Americans, who pay specialists a visit, were misdiagnosed. And from these cases 1 out of 20 misanalysed patients has greater risk of accumulating harmful health conditions.

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Thanksgiving: How it Started and Why America Still Celebrates the Occasion Today

A new finding revealed that the very first Thanksgiving celebration happened 50 years earlier from that time. Here are some facts about where it originates and the reason why it's being honored up to this time.

Too Conscious with her weight

Older Women: The Modern Image of Eating Disorders

A study released in the International Journal of Eating Disorders found that 13% of women age 50 and older revealed that they are experiencing signs of eating problems such as bingeing, purging, diet pills consumption or doing extreme exercises to drop pounds.

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You may be Immune to Your Acne Antibiotics, Experts Revealed

A recent study by Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust found that four out of five people with acne are now immune to antibiotics like erythromycin, clindamycin and tetracycline which are used to treat pimples.

Cold Season

Sick of Celebrating Christmas? Experts Explain Why People Get Ill During Holidays

A study was conducted by Dutch researchers in 2002 that found the connection between Christmas trips and flu. About 1900 participants answered a survey and 3 percent of them where found to feel sick on a getaway.

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