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Subway Settles Not-Really Foot Long Sandwich Litigation

Subway's Footlongs are Finally an Actual Foot Long!

When it comes to advertising, you want to be able to get what you pay for, so when you pay for a foot long, you should get 12-inches of sandwich, darn it! Subway finally caves to customer pressure, and makes its Footlong subs actually a foot long.

Second Day Of Crufts 2015

Chinese Man mistakenly Eats his Boss' Dog, Thought it was "Wild"

A Chinese man mistakenly eats a Welsh Pembroke Corgi that belongs to his boss after thinking that the dog was a stray.

A Microwave Oven

Microwave Settings and What they Really Mean

For speed and convenience, the microwave is one of the most popular kitchen appliances. But how well do you really know your microwave? Find out here!

Sydneysiders Flock To Fishmarkets At Christmas Time

Washington Salmon Tested Positive for Chemical Residue

Food safety is always a major concern for both consumers and produces alike. Always be aware of what chemical traces can be found in your food.

AWXII - Day 4

"Wellth" vs Wealth: Mindbodygreen CEO Shares Things More Important than Money

Founder and CEO of the popular health website,, Jason Wachob, tells us why being well is different from being healthy.

U.S. Trade Deficit Surges To Record Highs

Get to Know the Healthy, Good-for-You Fats

There's bad fats, and there are good fats. Good fats help lower your cholesterol, and are a part of any balanced diet. Here's a quick guide to the best sources for good fats.

Isreali Poultry Industry Threatened By Bird Flu Scare

USDA Cracks Down on Meat Processing Plants

USDA cracks down on meat processing plants, citing animal abuse and improper santiary practices.

Morning Milking At Newlands Farm Bozeat

Whole Foods Recall Maytag Raw Milk Stock: Find Out Why

Whole Foods has long been known tp provide safe, organic, and nutritious food for their customers, but every now and again, something gets past their quality control.

Price Of Eggs Set To Rise As Avian Flu In Midwest Affects National Supply Chain

Gut-busting Food Myths BUSTED

The truth behind some of your pantry staples.

Grasshoppers, Crickets and Giant Scorpions On the Menu To Celebrate 85th Anniversary Of Rentokil

EXO Bars Shocking Ingredient and Why You Should Eat Them

EXO Bars are slowly gaining popularity and acceptance in the American market, and here's why you should get into the trend.

Palestinian Farmers Harvest Strawberry

You Should Be Eating More Strawberries and Here's Why

Strawberries are fresh, delicious, and a single bite reminds you of long, lazy summer days. But if you needed more reasons to enjoy strawberries, here are some more!

McDonald's Brings Back The McRib Sandwich

Oklahoma's Food Security Program Gets Huge Donation: Find Out Who's The Generous Donor!

As a way to support Oklahoma State University's food proram, Lopez Foods Inc., (a major supplier for McDonalds), has donated a generous amount to help fund the program.

Seven-A-Day Fruit And Vegetables Recommended Intake

Iowa University Pays Students to Take Part in GMO Trials

Would you be part of a study for GMO foods if you were getting paid?

McDonald's All Day Breakfast At the 58th Annual Grammy Awards

Fast Food Giant McDonald's Menu Update: Chobani Greek Yogurt and Two New Breakfast Bowls!

McDonalds is one of the most recognizable and popular fast food brands in the world, and one of the reasons for their loyal customer base is that they are constantly innovating their menu to offer new and exciting food items. Check out the new McDonald's food items here.

Candy Expo Opens In Chicago

Bizarre Snacks for the Adventurous Palette

Looking for something crazy to spice up your next movie night? Hankering for something salty or sweet that's going to widen your food horizon? Check out these snack offerings.

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Food Biz
Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Launches Big Yellow Box Catering Options

Big Yellow Box by Dickey's Barbecue Pit is convenient and compact and is ideal for small groups, for any occasion.


Check out London's first and brand new cheese conveyor belt restaurant

London is now having its first-ever cheese conveyor belt restaurant, and it's going to be cheesy.

Food Tech
do sous vide

Why Should You Do Sous Vide in Your Kitchen

Sous Vide cooking has become a popular cooking technique in the last few years, with all the introduction of cooking shows to the mass media.

Direct Delivery

Shake Shack Upgrades App With Direct Delivery, and Caters Drive-Thru Only

The Shake Shack app now offers direct delivery.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf launches new app for direct delivery

You can now order your favorite drinks and snacks from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf through their mobile app.

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