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Santa Claus with a girl on a sleigh

How Do You Make Santa Remember You This Christmas? Send Him a Letter, Of Course

With fears that Santa would not know their Christmas wishes, children found a very effective way to help Santa remember- send their wishes through love letters.

baby drinking milk

Mothers' Anti-Obesity Attitude Influences Toddlers

A few studies have already attempted to explain this significant change and offer solutions to solve the growing issue. Moreover, a study from New Zealand's University of Otago found out that toddlers are picking up on the anti-obesity attitudes of their mothers. It was observed that older toddlers (as young as 32 months) develop their attitudes according to their mothers' attitude to obesity.

Get Enough Sleep to Avoid Diseases

Sleeping In On Weekends May Not Be Good For You

Got to wake up early every day for work on weekdays? Excited for sleeping in on the weekend? Sorry to break it to you but a recent study just concluded that sleeping in on weekends is bad for your health.


9 Herbs You Should Grow At Home Now For Healthier Life

They may seem tiny, but herbs are actually nutrient giants loaded with compounds, antioxidants and essential minerals. To help you find the perfect tiny taste-enhancers that are perfect for your favourite and beloved dishes, Yahoo Health came up with a list of very helpful herbs that not only add taste to your dish but upgrade it to a whole new healthier level.

A young woman samples freshly-brewed cappuccino at Bonanza Coffee Roasters

Drinks and Foods That are Perfect for a Low-fat Diet

The question is, how much is 50 grams of sugar?-when an average person usually consumes around 100 grams of total sugar every day. Well, thanks to fast spreading, viral mini videos of desserts' recipes and our caffeine fix, it is just so hard to resist extra ounces of sugar. There are even some 'health impostors' that just refuse to differentiate naturally occurring sugar and added artificial sugar in their food labels. It has made it harder to keep World Health Organization's advice to cut down added sugar in our die as it can lead to obesity, diabetes, low blood pressure and heart diseases.

A young lady with anti-acne cream

Study: New Guidelines forTreating Acne in Children and Adults

A team of dermatologists from across Canada had another look at the latest evidences and provided treatment recommendations for 3 acne types: comedonal acne, mild-to-moderate papulopustular acne and severe inflammatory acne.

Spring vegetables and fruit

Food Contamination: Why You Need to Wash Fruits and Vegetables Before Consumption and How You Can Do It Properly

Rushing from the local supermarket to finish other scheduled tasks for the day may mean chucking your newly bought fresh fruit and vegetable in the fridge without washing and cleaning them. But what might this cause us? Dietician Susie Burrell from Australia reminds us that these healthy produces can be carrying dangerous bacteria that cause food poisoning such as E-coli. It is not true that exposing ourselves to soil and other "natural" substances aids in boosting our immune system. It is actually dangerous.

Paris Attacks

Talking to Your Children About Terrorist Attacks and Why It's Important to Broach the Subject With Them

You may be going through great lenghts to secure your children's physical welfare, but according to experts, you should also be aware of what these attacks can do to your kids' psychological and emotional well-being.

 Water - Photo Illustrations

Are 'Beauty Waters' Really Making Us More Beautiful?

Water is on top of the list when it comes to beautifying and purifying the skin. It has been proven to keep the skin's elasticity and glow. However, for the recent years, technology has introduced the so-called "beauty waters"

Barnes And Nobles Booksellers Considers Selling Itself

Here’s Why Adults Are Going Crazy Over Coloring Books

You may have been wondering why bookstores are suddenly flooded by coloring books; everyone's going crazy over them! Adult coloring books are now a thing-no, not the "adult" kind of X-rated stuff...these books feature really intricate and detailed designs that awaken everyone's artistic and creative side. Moreover, psychology suggests that adult coloring books are not only a ray of hope for older aspiring artists, but also a relaxing therapy.

Singer Adele arrives at the Oscars at Hollywood & Highland Cente

How Adele's 'Hello' Got Its 100 Million Views

Why did we fall in love easily with Adele and her "Hello"? It is easy to say that the song just touched our hearts but apparently science has an explanation for this. According to media expert Chris Ferguson, PhD, an associate professor and chairman of Psychology at Stetson University in Florida, there is actually a formula for this phenomenon.

Megan Fox diet is usually a smoothie or an egg white omelet with some avocado for her healthy fat sources in breakfast.

19 Ways to Get the Body of Megan Fox, Adam Levine and Other Celebrities

You do not have to be a celebrity and earn $$$$$$ just to achieve that perfect beach body figure and cover magazine abs. You know what, anyone can make their dreams come true and be proud of their before and after photos. Celebrity trainer and nutritionist Harsley Pasternak reveals to Yahoo Health the diet and fitness tips he gives his clients-oh btw, have I already told you that he trains Megan Fox, Adam Levine, Halle Berry, Katy Perry, Jennifor Hudson and Jimmy Fallon? Yes, he is the mind behind those celebs' perfectly sculpted abs.

Ice cream is a frozen dessert in the United States that is made of 10 percent fat or more, and not more than 100 percent overrun.

Here’s Why Eating Dessert May Improve Your Eating Habits

Skipping dessert because you are on a diet? Well on the contrary, research shows eating sweets may actually help you control your eating habits.

Avril Lavigne health condition remains undisclosed and making her fans more worried about her.

Avril Lavigne Recovering from Lyme Disease: "I Thought I was Dying"

The 31-year-old singer has recently revealed that she is successfully recovering from the debilitating disease. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2014 after unknowingly being bitten by a tick.

Homeless man

Booze Boost: Will Sydney's Homeless Program Really Help the Homeless Struggling with Alcohol Dependency

Politicians and organizations have been trying to put up solutions and projects for the homeless. Moreover, another program prepared in Sydney, Australia aims to answer the problems of homeless people battling chronic alcohol dependence-by actually supplying them more booze.

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