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Cuban Coffee Farms Damaged by Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy destroys coffee farms in Cuba. The prices of coffee Arabica and Robusta have been affected.


Salmonella Outbreak from Poultry has Ended: CDC Report

A multi-state salmonella outbreak has finally come to an end: The Center for Disease Control reports

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Prices Likely to Fall; Farmers Expect Good Crop

Prices of peanuts and peanut-based products, including the much loved peanut butter, are likely to fall. The country is seeing a good peanut output this year.

Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks Contain more Caffeine than Listed: Report

Popular energy drinks do not list caffeine levels to keep their recipe a secret, reveals a study. Moreover, no rule by the FDA forces them to do so.


Senator Boxer, 500 Restaurateurs Plead for Action against Fish Fraud

California Senator Barbara Boxer urges the FDA to take action against fish fraud in the country. Meanwhile, 500 restaurateurs have signed and sent a petition to the Congress to put a stopper to fish mislabeling.


Meat Consumption Fell in 2011: Report

Meat consumption fell slightly in 2011, says a new report by Worldwatch Institute.


India Once Again Sees Surplus Sugar Output

India will be seeing a rise in sugar exports, along with that of soy, wheat and rice.

California dairy

California Dairies in Peril

Dairies in California are shutting down due to rising feed costs and lower milk prices.

Traffic Light labeling

Traffic Light Labeling System to be Introduced in UK

A consistent labeling system will be adopted in the UK from next year. With the help of color codes, food labels will tell consumers how much calories and fat, salt, sugar content is in a particular food product. The nutritional information will be clearly displayed on the front of the pack of food.

Gluten-free food

Gluten-Free Food Market Hits $4.2B

The gluten-free food market earns revenue of $4.2 billion this year. The figure indicates huge growth in the market for gluten-free food. According to a report by Packaged Facts, the market has seen a growth of 28 percent between 2008 and 2012.


India Sees Good Sugar Output, Import Duty Hike Likely

While India is likely to see a very good sugar output this marketing year, food minister KV Thomas is likely to hike the import duty of raw sugar.

Monster Energy

Monster Energy Drink Blamed for Death of Five

Monster's energy drink is being blamed for the death of five people. Its high caffeine level may be to blame.


Food Insecurity Plagues Southern Africa, FAO Working on New Agriculture Principles

Southern Africa faces rising food insecurity. The UN FAO is working on new rules and guidelines to deal effectively with food shortages.

GrainCorp's Shares See Rise after ADM Bid

The shares of GrainCorps see a rise of 39 percent after ADM’s bid to buy the Australian grain handler.


Australian State Brings in $9B from Food Exports

Australian state Victoria brings in $9 billion from food exports, after a rise of $1 billion.

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