Fast-Food Chicken Restaurant Chick-Fil-A Opens First Store In Manhattan

A New Solution On the Test for Chick-Fil A’s Crazy-Long Lines

Chick Fil-A is testing a new strategy that would hopefully cut back its long lines at the drive-thru's. Long lines at the drive thru's is where the fast food chain makes majority of its revenues, as reported in

Tom Holland

Just How Old Will Marvel's New Spider-Man Be?

Ever since news broke that Marvel and Sony Pictures had agreed to share the rights to Spider-Man, the conversation surrounding the superhero has mostly centered on his age.

Prometheus 2 Update: Michael Fassbender Is Returning and Ridley Scott Talks Plot

Michael Fassbender To Play Chef Marco Pierre White in New Film?

It lookslike Michael Fassbender may be trading Magneto's helmet and cape for some Chef's whites in the near future. is reporting that the Academy Award nominee is the frontrunner to land the role of legendary chef Marco Pierre White in an upcoming film based on his autobiography 'The Devil in the Kitchen.'

General Views of Sydney

Sydney's Best Late Night Dining 2015

Over the years, late night restaurants have grown, making its way into the food industry as most costumers would usually end up hungry after a long night out.

Steven Spielberg Sent a Fan Letter to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

The Rock's New NFL centered HBO Show 'Ballers' Debuts to Mixed Reviews

Dwyane 'The Rock' Johnson made his big debut on the small screen when his sports centered comedy 'Ballers' premiered on HBO last Sunday.

Twitter’s C.E.O. Dick Costolo Is Stepping Down The Company

Twitter’s C.E.O. Dick Costolo Is Stepping Down

CEO Dick Costolo will step down fromTwitter on July 1, Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder was appointed, as interim chief executive - while the company is still looking for the permanent successor.

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