Trending Food Films In 2016 You Should Watch Out For

It's that time of the year when you want to just drool while watching movies. You want to relive the movies that make you drool all over again. But, what about watching the new ones? If you want to make yourself salivate for 2016 movies, then choose the tasty-licious right movies. After doing so, you'll sure ask for more on the big screen.

Blue Bell Creameries Recalls All Products After Listeria Contamination

Blue Bell Creameries Target Of Listeria Controversies

The U.S. Department of Justice is questioning Blue Bell Creameries over listeria contamination issues. According to and Wall Street Journal, three deaths were associated with the outbreak. Government authorities are trying to investigate the causes of such outbreak.


Who Creates These Google Doodles? Learn More About Their Awesome Job!

There are a lot of fields to choose from in Google. Robotics, automobile and life sciences studies are just parts of the company. Many more careers have opened up under the scope of Google. One of the most unique jobs ever: the Google Doodler.

Boy stealing a car

The 12-Year-Old Boy and His Vehicle Heist - Previously Had 20 Arrests

A child, no more than 12-years-old, committed a heist involving the take-over of an 89-year-old man's car in Florida.

Andrias japonicus.

Big Salamander Estimated to Be About 200 Years Old - Found in China

An exotic creature was found in a Chinese cave. It is estimated to be about 200 years old. The creature is a giant salamander which is 4.5 feet long. It weighs at around 114 pounds.

Different types of Alcohol

Hangover Resistant Gifted People – What's Their Secret?

Based on studies, a quarter of people do not suffer hangovers after a night of heavy drinking. What could be their secret?


Feline Perfume Now Available – What Are You Waiting for Cat-Lovers?

Japan's Yamamoto Perfumery created the Moho Mohu Odeko or Kaori Fabric Water ("Fluffy Brow Scented Fabric Water") for Felissimo. This scent is just amazing. It will make you feel like you smell your cat's head.

Parent and child

Parents Take Caution: Even Preschoolers Can Exhibit Symptoms of Depression

It has become apparent that children as young as three years old can experience major depression.

 Women's Health

Early Menopause Caused by These 5 Factors

Different women experience different symptoms. However, early menopause for some may be brought about by the removal of ovaries.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss: Bacteria and Brown Fat Play Important Roles

There's another kind of fat - presumably the good kind since it helps burn the extra calories, produces hear and initiates weight loss.

Young Adults

Watching TV May Not Be as Beneficial to Young Adults – Study Shows Early Cognitive Decline

Watching TV and a sedentary lifestyle is not good for young adults as this may lead to an increased decline in brain function


Anxiety and Lower Social Status Associated to a Part of the Brain

Researchers from a Swiss university discovered that there is a connection between anxiety and lower social status to a specific part of the brain.

Moving for Better Health

Some Physical Activities Can Lead to Better Memory Performance, Study Says

Compared to some people who live a motionless lifestyle, a new study suggests that persons or for older adults who take more steps by either walking or jogging can be skilled in memory tasks way better.

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Avoid Getting Burned During Thanksgiving Prep, Experts Tell You How

As a matter of fact, the records from the National Fire Protection Association shows that in the year 2013, it was found that across the country, Thanksgiving Day has garnered the most number of cooking fires accidents having 1,550 cases of the said incident.

Kansas Farmers, Home Cooked Meal

Healthy Food Effects Vary, Different People Respond to Eating the Same Meal

This week, as Israeli researchers write in the journal Cell, as our own respective bodies reacts to the same food very differently, it means that a diet may work wonders for some people but can do otherwise on you.

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Food Biz
How to Start Sustainable Living from Your Kitchen

How to Start Sustainable Living from Your Kitchen

Have you recently started to notice everyone carrying pretty totes when going out for groceries? Reusable bags are quite a hype as the concerns about climate change are ringing alarms around the world, and rightly so.

5 Edible Flowers with Surprising Health Benefits

5 Edible Flowers with Surprising Health Benefits

Flowers are typically used for ornamental purposes. We cherish their beautiful blossoms or hypnotic scents. But many flowers are also edible and offer surprising health benefits.

God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev Transform the Food Sector in Russia

Launched in 2014 by Russian real estate kings God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev, Food City is a unique marketplace where fresh produce, dairy, fish and meat are brought in and traded directly by manufacturers. Because it comes directly from suppliers, food items spend less time in transit and storage and are of higher quality. By cutting out the middleman, it makes it possible for families to buy fresh food at wholesale prices. Located on the Moscow Ring road, Food City is easy to get to by metro or car.

Food Tech
Five Vital Asian-Foods that you should must try

Five Vital Asian-Foods that you should must try

Asian nourishment all in all is substantially more sound than Western cooking. With the absence of dairy fat and added substances, alongside an emphasis on zingy season and crisp fixings, it's anything but difficult to discover solid alternatives on any Asian-propelled menu.

The Gift of Food at Christmas: What’s most popular?

The Gift of Food at Christmas: What’s most popular?

Food is always an excellent gift choice at Christmas. But how do you select which edibles to give your loved ones? Well, help is at hand. Take a look at the following food gift ideas so you can decide who should receive them.

Modern Appliance Excellent Food Packing Machine Online

Modern Appliance Excellent Food Packing Machine Online

Are you interested to keep food fresh longer? Different types of tricks and techniques used to preserve food for a long time and to extend the shelf life of food. One of the best recommended food preserves is a vacuum sealer which meets all the requirements of interested people and a perfect appliance you surely need.

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