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Virtual Reality Simulator

Food Hacking: Using Virtual Reality To Create Different Taste Experience

The way your food looks and smell affect can affect the way it tastes. But it was never explored as to what extend do looks and smell of food affect its perceived taste. In a new series on the website Vice called Food Hacking, Japanese scientist and professor Takuji Narumi was visited by Swedish host Simon Klose.


New Natural Dip Makes Bananas Speckle-Free and Extends Shelf Life Too

New research shows LPE can extend a banana's shelf life by double.

Medical Marijuana Chain Store Opens Up Outlet In Nation's Capital

Vertical Farming' in Urban High-Rises to be Both Greener And Cheaper

Vertical farming is an innovative method that is both eco-friendly and convenient.

Price Of Coffee Hits 13 Year High

3 Experts Announced the Latest Coffee Trends that Caffeine Addicts Should Try

Coffee experts came up with new ways to perk up your favortie brew.

Black Rice

'Food Royalty': Black Rice Proven to Have Very High Nutritional Value

It was once served to only royalty in China and is revered for having very high health benefits.

Fuel Price Hike Causes Demand For Domestic Biodiesel Kits

Scottish Company Uses World War I Techniques to Produce 'Biofuel' from Whisky Byproducts

Celtics Renewables revisits a century-old technique used to make explosives during World War I to produce biobutanol from whisky byproducts.


Nestle High-end Cailler Chocolate to Finally Hit U.S.

Global food company Nestle SA (NESN.VX) is expanding into the luxury chocolate market with a centuries-old Swiss chocolate brand that will be sold mainly online.

Wine Conglomerate Constellation Brands Buys Corona From Anheuser-Busch InBev

3 Beer Hacks Every Beer Lover Should Know

Having a drink without a beer bottle opener is no longer a problem with these hacks.

Whole Foods grocery store in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Study Says 'America’s Online Grocery' Shopping Is Expected To Grow 40% By End Of 2016

American online grocery shopping is set to grow from by the end 2016, a new report shows.

Food porn

The Truth About Microwaving Food

So what you thought about microwaving food might not be so true after all.


The Sugarcane Aphid Is Decimating Sorghum Fields and Affecting Yields

Sugarcane aphids are sorghum farmers' newest pests.


Climate Change-Resistant Grapes Being Cultivated By WInemakers

The rise in temperature is causing many French wine-makers to come together and cultivate climate change-resistant grapes to help in wine production.

New Studies Link Soil Biodiversity to Annual Crop Yield

New Studies Link Soil Biodiversity to Annual Crop Yield

New studies reveal the real importance of soil biodiversity to crop yields.

Equal Sues Splenda For False Advertising

The Next Artificial Sweetener Is Made From-- Sand!

A new artificial sweetener was created which is twice as sweet than the regular sugar and can reduce your sugar consumption.

San Francisco Board Of Supervisors Proposes Putting Soda Tax On Nov. Ballot

Top 5 The Unhealthiest Sodas

Though the sugary drinks are unhealthy in general, Daily Meal was able to come up with the list of the unhealthiest sugary drink.

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Food Biz
Hormel Foods To Purchase Skippy Peanut Butter From Unilever

An Era to End with Union Square Cafe Move

New York City's 16th Street will no longer be the same as the influential Union Square Cafe begins its closing ceremony. This restaurant was a favourite of New York's publishing world for 30 years and in no small part contributed to the Union Square area's rejuvenation. With the cafe's creation in 1985, the Square saw the opening of movie theatres, gyms, a playground and Whole Foods. It was also the inspiration for the award-winning Union Square Cookbook and the highly successful Second Helpings from Union Square Cafe, both by respected restaurateur, author and Union Square Cafe owner Danny Meyer.

Ramen Burger

When Dinner Meets Dessert

Here's two of the most wonderful and weird food fusion you'll ever hear and taste.

Food Tech
 Robots deliver dishes to customers at a Robot Restaurant in Harbin

Robot Invasion: Spread, A Japanese Company Creates First Farmer-Free Farm

Japan is slowly making sci-fi future a reality; from underwear vending machines to cuddle safes. From the most absurd inventions to the most high-tech ones, Japan never fails to fascinate the rest of the world. However this recent invention will not only bring fascination but also admiration from the whole world. Japan has now created a farm operated by robots. Yes, it's a farmer-free farm.

Apple Pay Launches In The UK

Starbucks: Apple Pay Will Be Accepted By 2016, Joined By Chili’s And KFC – Major Expansion!

It's been a little over a year since the tech giant officially announced Apple Pay as a new way of paying through mobile devices, and now it's starting to really kick off as more and more of the biggest companies in the U.S. start accepting it in their stores - such as the new Starbucks Apple Pay availability!

Chocolate Easter Bunny Production At Confiserie Felicitas

Medicinal Chocolate: Scientist Invented a Healthy Chocolate That Can Be Taken As Medication

A chocolate prototype was invented which can actually be used as medication.

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