Edible Coffee Cup That You Must Try

Jan 13, 2015 03:35 AM EST | By Arlene Cruz


Edible Coffee Cup- Enjoy a cup of coffee and eat everything too! For coffee lovers, you may have tried all flavors of coffee available, but have you tried the edible coffee cup at Alfred Coffee & Kitchen?

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen on Melrose Place in Los Angeles is offering a chocolate-dipped waffle cone edible coffee cup and its name? Alfred Cone. According to Ashlee Lawson, Alfred Cone is well loved by their customers. TIME reports that Alfred Coffee & Kitchen sells 50 to 70 Alfred cones daily.

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen sells Alfred Cone espresso at $8 and a macchiato costs $9. The edible coffee cup is not present in their menu. It's in the secret menu. So for customers to buy it, they just have to say or order "Alfred Cone."

The Alfred Cone or the edible coffee cup is especially made by an all-natural granite company Zia Valentina that has a stall in the farmers market.

The edible coffee cup is made by Naomi Kashi and Dorit Simone at Zia Valentina where they serve their coffee drinks and granitas also in cones. The company stated that they are making around 200 cones daily for Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, L.A. Times reports.

According to the co-owner of Zia Valentina, Naomi Kashi all she wanted is to make an eco-friendly type of cup, but there wasn't so the idea of the edible coffee cup came, USA Today reports. One day, she saw somebody eating an ice cream cone and all was history.

Alfred Coffee & Kitchen had also prepared new versions of edible coffee cone they offered for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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