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Great Whites Huntington Beach

13 Great Whites Huntington Beach Discovered Lingering At Sunset Beach

An alarming number of Great Whites Huntington Beach were spotted by the Huntington Beach Police Department helicopter on Tuesday night that calls alert on the increasing numbers of the sharks in the waters off Sunset Beach.

BASE jumper dies, Twin Falls Idaho

BASE Jumper Dies Twin Falls Idaho: [+VIDEO] 73-Year-Old BASE Jumper Dies After Parachute Failed To Deploy On Time

An experienced 73-year-old BASE jumper dies, Twin Falls Idaho after his parachute failed to deploy on time as he jumped off from the Perrine Bridge into the Snake River, 500 feet below on May 7.

New Mom Cop Killed

New Mom Cop Killed [+SHOCKING] A Day Before She Welcomes Her Newborn To Their Home

New mom cop killed in the line of duty while chasing a suspect in Omaha, Nebraska. The new mom cop killed will not be able to see her baby, who was born premature, and is set to be released from the Omaha hospital on Thursday.

$30 Hot Dog New York

$30 HOT DOG NEW YORK Vendor Charged After Selling Overpriced Hotdogs In Big Apple

$30 Hot Dog New York- Tourists at the 9/11 grounds, beware! A complaint is currently raised to a vendor selling $30 Hot Dog, New York. On Thursday, the vendor was charged and could face up to $1,500 penalty for violations including selling tourists $30 Hot Dog, soda, water and pretzel in the World Trade Center site.

110-Year-Old Man Beer

110-Year-Old Man Beer: Do You Want To Be Supercentenarian? Nebraska’s Oldest Man Shares His Secret Why He Stays Alive For More Than Century

110-Year-Old Man Beer, Mark Behrends is the oldest man living in Nebraska. When asked what his secret is, he always answers, it's a can of beer! Behrends reached the milestone classifying him as the oldest resident in Nebraska after he celebrated his 110th birthday on May 16.

Julianne Hough Nip Slip

Julianne Hough Nip Slip: [+PHOTO] Julianne Hough Caught Unaware of Unfortunate Nip Slip At ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Finale

Julianne Hough nip slip is just another story that created waves in the social media. On Tuesday, the "Dancing With The Stars" judge stepped out of the finale after-party Tuesday at Beso Restaurant in Hollywood when she was spotted by the paparazzi having unfortunate nip slip.

Prince Harry Crocodile

Prince Harry Crocodile [+PHOTOS] Top Secret Mission Successful! “Prince Harry Is Great Croc Catcher!”

Prince Harry, crocodile hunter was the royal prince's latest stint in his tour in the Northern Territory. He made a lasting impression to the Wildlife rangers, who were with him when he caught a 3.1m (10ft) crocodile. The crocodile rangers praised the 30-year-old prince as "a great croc catcher."

Ed Carpenter incident

VIRAL VIDEO Ed Carpenter Incident: Two-Time Defending Indianapolis 500 Pole-Winner Ed Carpenter Safe After Violent Crash [WATCH]

Ed Carpenter incident met a violent crash during the pre-qualifying morning practice on Sunday at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner [+REPORT] Will Appear As Woman In Public During Spring- Anytime Now!

Bruce Jenner present and future updates have been very important in the media. Bruce Jenner transitioning into a woman comes as a major highlight breaking the internet and now the most awaited time is to see Bruce Jenner stepping as a woman now.

Taylor Swift Net Worth

Taylor Swift Net Worth: How Much Is Taylor Swift Net Worth After Slamming Eight Billboard Music Awards?

Taylor Swift Net Worth is getting intense at $200 million according to Celebrity Net Worth report. Taylor Swift name is brightly shining in the recent Billboard Music Awards where she nabbed eight recognitions such as top female artist, top artist, top Billboard 200 artist, top Billboard 200 Album, top streaming song, and top Hot 100 artist.

Body odor and bad breath

Why These Foods Can Make You Smell Horrible?

Do you wonder why some people stink? What you eat can directly affect on how you smell. Watch out for these foods that can make you smell bad.

Foods Can Put You To Sleep

Trouble Sleeping? These Foods Can Put You To Sleep!

Worry no more with these foods that can put you to sleep. Nothing is more annoying when you lay down in bed and you can't sleep for hours. Sleeping seems daunting task for some that make them restless throughout the day.

Dean Potter

DEAN POTTER, World Renowned Rock Climber And BASE Jumper Found Dead In Yosemite Park, What Led To His Unfortunate Death?

Dean Potter, extreme athlete and one of the world's top died with his friend, Graham Hunt while they attempted a BASE jump in the Yosemite National Park. Dean Potter and Hunt jumped on a 7,500-foot wingsuit flight from Taft Point overlooking Yosemite Valley and El Captain on Saturday night.

Britain’s tallest burger

Britain’s Tallest Burger: 30,000 Calorie Burger Is ‘King Of Whooper!’

Britain's tallest burger is the latest craze to try when you're in U.K. The King of whooper has 30,000 calories enough to feed a person for two weeks.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen Joins League Of ‘No-Soda’ To Offer Healthier Options!

Dairy Queen is the latest food brand joining 'No-Soda' league to offer healthier options. Dairy Queen is removing all its sodas from kid's menu including its neon colored Arctic Rush frozen beverage and instead offer milk, bottled water, kid's cone or Dilly bar to combat the growing obesity and heath concerns.

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