Alicia Silverstone Launches Vegan Gummy Vitamins

These gummies are designed to improve immune system health, promote healthy ...

Alicia Silverstone

Arby's Food Poisoning: Serious Violations Committed, Officials Say

Officials were quick to act after receiving the complaints related to Arby's ...


4 Surprising Foods That Cause Bad Breath

The natural result of consuming these foods? Bacteria and fungi happily growing, ...

Fresh Breath

Here's The Rock's Favorite Protein Shake Recipe

Apart from sharing the protein shake recipe, The Rock revealed why it is such a ...

Dwayne Johnson

4 Effective Belly Busters You Might Not Know About

The greatest paradox of them all - you have to eat to lose weight. Here are four ...

Cottage Cheese
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Kate Winslet Speaks Out About Side-Effects of Lockdown Baking

Kate Winslet

Does Kate Winslet regrets how her baking and eating all her goodies during lockdown had affected her shape?

3 Food Risks to Avoid This Pandemic, According to the CDC

Washing Fruits

CDC wants the public to be mindful about the particular types of materials that can be disinfected only.

Banana Dangers: Beware of Spider Eggs in This Yellow Fruit


The mom said she reported it to the grocery store where the bananas were bought. Facebook users claimed what she did was right because the supermarket needs to know what has happened.

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Food Waste and Prevent Climate Change From Becoming Worse

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Food Waste and Prevent Climate Change From Becoming Worse

As the world, including the United States, grapple with finding the perfect solution to climate change, one aspect that they might be overlooking is food waste.

Pup Cups: Ice Cream for Dogs Comes in 3 Drool-Worthy Flavors

Dogs and Ice Cream

The Pup Cups, ice cream for dogs, comes in banana peanut butter cream, the barking maple bacon, and blueberry yumyum flavor. All flavors are made of lactose-free whole milk, which is safer for dogs.

Chicken Ice Cream: Is It Mouth-Watering or Confusing?

Fried Chicken Ice Cream?

Life Raft Treats is offering a product aptly called "NOT FRIED CHICKEN® Ice Cream" and it looks weirdly divine.

New York City Council Imposes Stricter Discipline Protection of Fast Food Employees

Fast Food Employees

The New York City Council has already stepped a foot down and passed two bills that would limit employers' ability to just discharge their employees.

Food Biz
Cocktail Mixers

PepsiCo. Shakes Up Cocktail Time with Four New Mixers

It seems to be saying that people, whether they have colorful, bright personalities, or black and white persona, can certainly enjoy these new cocktail mixers from PepsiCo.

Beyond Food: Why Fast-Food Chains Are Now Selling Non-edible Creations

Why Fast-Food Chains Are Now Selling Non-Edible Creations

Why are fast-food chains offering merchs now?

Nestlé Toll House

Nestlé Toll House Makes Baking Sparkly With New Disco Glitter Chocolate Chip Morsels

Nestlé Toll House releases new disco glitter chocolate chip morsels, which can make any of your chocolate creations cuter, prettier, and sparklier!

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