6 Effects Of Obesity That May Surprise You

Feb 12, 2015 06:16 AM EST | By Arlene Cruz

There are effects of obesity that may surprise you.  Not long ago, obesity was considered as a disease primarily due to the fact that it exposes a person to risk of autoimmune diseases.  According to the study, fat tissue makes it possible to have autoimmune diseases and inflammation.

But aside from autoimmune complications, there are also other effects of obesity that are more surprising.  According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  more than one-third of Americans are obese or equivalent to 78.6 million populations.

But do you know with increasing percentage of obese, there are greater risk exposures to more diseases? Here are surprising effects of obesity that we think you should know:


According to ABC News, cancer and excess weight effect are seen as case-to-case basis and not automatically as cause and effect, however based on the records, it shows that more fat coincide with higher rates of cancer.

There are 34,000 new cases of cancer in men and 50, 000 new cases in women that are associated with obesity as revealed by the National Cancer Institute.

Dr. Raul Seballos, vice chairman of preventive medicine at the Cleveland Clinic states that the most probable cause of effects of obesity is cancer as fat excess cells increases hormonal activity leading to tumor growth.

Fatty Liver

Fatty liver affecting more or less 29 million Americans is one of the effects of obesity. Obesity brings insulin resistance leading to non-alcoholic fatty liver complication as reported by Fitness Magazine.


An Indian study has revealed that other effects of obesity in women are infertility.  The research has found that women developed Polycystic Ovarian disease that also leads to infertility.

Sleep Apnea

According to Health Fitness Revolution, the American Sleep Foundation reported that nearly 80 percent of older obese Americans are having troubles sleeping. Sleeping apnea is a condition where a person stops breathing for some time while sleeping due to the excess fat around the neck area.

Heart Disease Of Children

Other debilitating effects of obesity are that mothers who are obese are more prone to have children with heart disease.  Children born to overweight or obese mothers are about 90 percent more at risks in developing cardiovascular disease and even death.


Migraines are also found to be one of the effects of obesity.  A study conducted at John Hopkins revealed that people with greater BMI index have more chances of having episodic migraines.  It has been found that women whose age are 50 and above have more probability of experiencing headaches and migraines.


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