Face Transplant GQ Cover, Richard Lee Norris Tell-It-All- His Ordeal, Pains & New Life 18 Years After His Shotgun Accident

Mar 11, 2015 08:01 AM EDT | By Arlene Cruz

Face transplant, GQ cover Richard Lee Norris proves that there is nothing impossible in this world. The American GQ magazine took 360 turn from featuring Hollywood A-listers in its cover, and instead they chose to bring change by featuring man who has undergone face transplant.

GQ magazine models Richard Lee Norris, the man who had the most extensive face transplant in history. Face transplant GQ new model had disfigured half of his face after blowing off his cheekbones, nose, lips, tongue, jaw, teeth, and chin in a shotgun accident, MIRROR cited.

Richard Norris had a terrible life after shooting himself accidentally in 1997 with a shotgun. He spent more than 10 years hiding and coming out only at night with his disfigured face.

However, his life took its turn when doctors at the University of Maryland involving 150 doctors and nurses worked together to reconstruct his face in 2012. The extensive and complicated face transplant that took 36 hours to finish gave him hope and new life after the time he never thought could happen.

Face transplant GQ model Richard Norris told GQ, "A drop of hope can create an ocean, but a bucket of faith can create an entire world." After the terrible incident when he was 22, he recalled that everything seemed a nightmare for him.

He lived a life full of unkindness hearing cruel comments from strangers about his looks. He battled addiction and even reflected on committing suicide, Daily Mail reports.

Face transplant GQ model, Norris stated that he had dozens of surgeries to rebuild his face but time came that even medical means weren't enough.

But one time in 2012, the doctors headed by Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez of the University of Maryland gave him the good news. With all his confidence with the doctors and hope to renew his life, Norris went through complicated 36-hour face transplant surgery where he has only 50 percent chances of survival.

Face transplant GQ cover Norris received a donor from a 21-year-old Joshua Aversano, who passed away after he was hit by a van. The transplant included tissue the upper and lower jaw, from the neck to the scalp, teeth and a section of the tongue, the Telegraph reported.

Until to this day, Norris has remained in contact with the Aversano family to tell them his state of health. He stated, he is 'humbled by the gift he received from the Aversano family.'

Today, Norris, the face transplant GQ cover remained hopeful and strong everyday although he has to continuously see his doctors all throughout his life. He is also receiving lifetime immunosuppressant medications that are also taking toll on his immune system.

His doctor, Dr. Rodriguez has stayed hopeful that the face transplant could last longer. But he stated noone can say. The first full face happened on 2005 in France and then followed on 2010 in Spain.

The face transplant GQ cover for next month may have a risky life after the 1992 accident where doctors declare that face transplant could last 20 to 30 years. His life has changed completely. He is taking an online art history college course right after his major surgery.

Just like his friends who started building their families, Norris admitted that he is just excited enjoying his life again. The face transplant GQ model, Norris couldn't contain his joy to the life he said was given back to him.


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