Coconut Flour: Reasons Why You Should Try Baking With Coconut Flour

Apr 11, 2015 06:07 AM EDT | By Arlene Cruz


Coconut flour is becoming a popular alternative these days since wheat flour has been associated with celiac disease.  With this good news, more and more manufacturers are experimenting and offering gluten-free flour that includes coconut flour.

Aside from coconut flour, garbanzo, potato, and rice flour are becoming healthy choice for people who have allergies to wheat.  

What is coconut flour?

As you can make your own coconut milk in your own kitchen, you can also make your own Coconut Flour in your home.  Coconut flour is a healthier choice as it is not made from gluten source. It is flour made from dried coconut after the coconut milk has been extracted, Baking Bites cited.

Since coconut flour is healthier and delicious option from wheat flour, you can bake a lot of bagels, breads, pizza, waffles, pasta, and pancake out of this ingredient.

What are the reasons why you should try baking with coconut flour?

By using Coconut flour in your baking recipes, it means that you decrease your calorie intake by 10 percent. ¼ coconut flour contains 14 grams fiber, according to Mercola.

Coconut flour is hypoallergenic because only few people are allergic to it unlike nuts, milk, wheat, or other foods that are regarded as 'trigger sensitivities.'

Coconut flour is made of non-digestible carbohydrates that are fiber and have no calories.  That means using coconut flour for baking is a good way to cut off calories and reduce your weight.

Coconut flour is a good substitute for other flours. You can use it in variety of recipes from desserts to sauces and thickening agents.

Coconut flour contains high amount of fiber, protein and fat that makes one achieve a 'feeling of fullness.'

Coconut flour offers lauric acid, a healthy fat that helps the proper function of thyroid and the immune system.  IT is also essential fats that help you achieve brighter and healthy skin.

Coconut flour has manganese that is essential for the function of the nervous system, bones, and thyroid, and for achieving normal blood sugar levels, the Nourished Kitchen reported.

However, keep in mind that using coconut flour is not the same as using grain-based flour. You can't substitute coconut flour from wheat flour in 1:1 proportion as it is extra absorbent. 

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