'The Elder Scrolls 6': Game Title, Multiplayer Option Rumors

Jul 20, 2015 10:20 AM EDT | By Veronica P. De Leon

Bethesda is believed to release the highly anticipated role playing game 'The Elder Scrolls 6' on June 2016 at the E3 event. While the game developer has not yet confirmed the speculation about the release date, another report about the official title of the game is now circulating.

According to reports, Bethesda is choosing between 'Argonia' and 'Redguard' to be the register and trademark name of the game. These reports have only added to the confusion of the gamers.

Early rumors have pointed that the game publisher has already registered the title 'Redguard' in 2011 which makes it the default and active trademark of the upcoming game. 'Argonia', on the other hand, stands a great chance of being chosen as the official title since the term is a province in Tamriel which is believed as the central location of the video game.

The title 'Redguard' is also the only one 'The Elder Scrolls' trademark that is not yet used in an issued game. The same thing happened for the 'Skyrim', the fifth installment of The Elder Scrolls game series.

Bethesda has not released a statement confirming any of the rumors causing division among gamers who have different opinions about it.

On the other hand, many gamers are raising their complaints regarding the upcoming game's supposed lack of multiplayer option. Since the game franchise has a good reputation on the single player mode, many trust that the game maker will not have a hard time making a multiplayer selection.

Fans are also concerned about the combat system. They are calling out to the developer to restore the graphic perfection of Skyrim in the next installment.

The silence of the developers from Bethesda seems to be an effective strategy since many are getting more interested about the 'The Elder Scrolls 6'. Gamers are becoming more eager to know the details of the open world fantasy game.

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