Energy Drink Side Effects: Here's What Red Bull Really Does To The Body

Aug 14, 2015 07:50 AM EDT | By Veronica P. De Leon

A new graphic showing the energy drink side effects to drinking beverages, like Red Bull, to the body has been recently released. The image explained that sipping too much energy drinks can cause serious problems to the person's body., a British shopping website, explained through the infographic, what will happen 24 hours after drinking an energy drink. It followed the viral info graphics about Coke and Diet Coke which showed how the beverages can harm the body within an hour.

The British site broke down the details to show people why they are hyper and alert for a short period of time, and then feel tired and exhausted after drinking this type of beverage. 

According to the image, an energy drink contains 80 mg of caffeine and 27.5 g of sugar. Within 10 minutes of consumption, a person's heart and blood pressure will start to rise. The period within 15 to 45 minutes is the time when their body becomes most alert and sharp. This means that the caffeine is at a high level in their bloodstream.

It then takes almost 12 hours to make the caffeine go out fully from the bloodstream. Within 24 hours, the consumer can then feel the symptoms of withdrawal.

When a consumer drinks constantly for 7 to 12 days, the body will start to get used to the beverage. As a result, they feel lesser effect of the energy drink than from the first sip.

Although the website did not mention that the energy drink is specifically Red Bull, it is notable that the photo used resembles the said product except for the label which was removed.

According to New York City nutritionist Brooke Alpert, caffeine is not the main issue but the enormous amount of sugar per can which causes spike and crash in the body, said Alpert. She also added that what makes the consumer crave more for it is the sugar and not necessarily the caffeine.

Earlier, a woman who drank 28 cans of Red Bull each day developed Idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH) was reported.

Brooke Alpert recommended that if someone needs an energy boost, drinking a cup of coffee will be better as to not experience the various energy drink side effects. 

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