‘Winds Of Winter’ Release Date: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Author Focuses On ‘Outlander’ And Westeros Fans Continue Jon Snow Lives Theories

Aug 18, 2015 08:56 AM EDT | By Victoria Guerra

For the past five years, the series of books "A Song of Ice and Fire" has turned into a major pop culture icon, after HBO picked it up for the cult epic show "Game of Thrones," which has now officially run out of literary material and will still continue, ahead of an official "Winds of Winter" release date.

While fans of the books and television show for wait a "Winds of Winter" release date, the author behind the world of Westeros has turned his head to other projects such as his new TV show "Outlander," prompting many to wonder whether rumors of his having finished the next book of the saga are actually true.

As the series finally caught up with the published material, the "Winds of Winter" release date has turned into a necessity for fans of the books, with rumors going on about how he may have already finished writing and it could already be up to the editors and publishers to release it - and, as Day Herald reports, there hasn't been a book from the saga since 2011.

According to International Business Times, rumors of an upcoming "Winds of Winter" release date were ignited once more after the 66 year-old author reportedly attended a screening of his latest project, the "Outlander" TV series, at Santa Fe's Jean Cocteau cinema, showing the first season of the series to a small crowd that also included Diana Gabaldon, the author of the books this show is based on.

While fans await the "Winds of Winter" release date, The Spec reports that Martin recently spoke about how his books would end, saying it won't be a "horrible apocalypse" kind of scenario but rather a more bittersweet one - although it has often been said that everyone will end up dying in the saga, most likely in an awful way.

Hopefully there will be an official "Winds of Winter" release date soon enough.

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