Kit Harington: Rose Leslie Or Emilia Clarke? Which ‘Game Of Thrones’ Beauty Is Jon Snow Dating?

Dec 03, 2014 07:42 AM EST | By Victoria Guerra

Though his character in "Game of Thrones," Jon Snow, is famous for not knowing anything, maybe the actor does know something else, as he's a big hit with the beautiful ladies in the show: is Kit Harington with Rose Leslie or with Emilia Clarke these days?

In the famous HBO show, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's characters share a lot of scenes and even eventually become a couple - though that may have taken a turn somewhere else since the end of the last season. The two actors were later seen on the red carpet together, and it was made clear that they were an item.

However, rumors surfaced later that Kit Harington and Rose Leslie were no longer an item, though last summer Us Weekly reported that the redhead actress who plays a Wildling and the actor who plays Ned Stark's bastard son had gotten back together, a news that brought a whole lot of joy to the fans of the fantasy show based on the George R. R. Martin book series "A Song of Ice and Fire."

While it's been said that Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have been back together since last summer, back in the spring, it seems the actor was singing another tune, with yet another one of the beautiful "Game of Thrones" actresses: Emilia Clarke, who plays the popular character Daenerys Targaryen, also known as "khaleesi" in the mythology of the series.

Last April, Metro reported that Harington and Clarke may have started going out, after having known each other since they were young kids growing up in London. Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy in the show, also grew up with them.

While Kit Harington and Rose Leslie share a lot of scenes in the shooting of the famous fantasy series - due to the fact that they're both in the same place, the North of the continent of Westeros, beyond The Wall -, Harington and Clarke don't share any scenes whatsoever, as what happens to both of them occurs as they're in different continents, as Clarke's character hasn't reached the continent of Westeros in her journey towards regaining the title of her forefathers.

According to Kpop Starz, the actors of Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, as well as those of him and Emilia Clarke.

"All rumor and myth," said Harington about the whole thing. "Me and Rose [Leslie] are very, very close and very good friends. And continue to be, actually. She's wonderful. But no, no love affair."

It seems that not a whole lot of people believe him, as many reports of Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have been going on for a while - and even a few with Emilia Clarke. Earlier this year, a source told The Daily Mail that Clarke was falling in love with the Jon Snow actor, but she was concerned over the fact that their schedules didn't really meet up much - besides not being in the same scenes on the show, the actress will be starring in the upcoming "Terminator" sequel opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, playing a young Sarah Connor in the classic franchise. The movie will be released next year.

So, what's really going on in the love triangle between the "Game of Thrones" stars?

Besides his seemingly convulsed love life, Kit Harrington has made the news lately after a recent interview with the British edition of GQ Magazine, where the English guy that's turned into a favorite with female fans of the show stated that he was contractually forced to keep his hair just the way it is right now, as to keep in place with his character. In other words, unlike Natalie Dormer's "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" famous haircut, the actor can't do anything wild to his hair as long as the show goes on!

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