4 Breakfast Myths Debunked!

Feb 17, 2016 04:20 AM EST | By Anita Valensia

There are many questionable myths that leave us confused whether to eat or to skip breakfast. It turns out that the idea of skipping breakfast does not have a direct impact on weight loss or cognition.

Eating breakfast can make you lose weight

The New York Times reported that breakfast is linked to more physical activity but not weight loss. Still, if the goal is to get slim - it's important to have exercise and diet plan work together. Eating breakfast has no direct change in dropping pounds.

Eating breakfast makes you eat less throughout the day

We often heard this myth. Eat breakfast and you will chew less throughout the day. Breakfast is said to prevent craving during the day. Skipping breakfast may cause you to quickly feel hungry at lunch but it does not link to more calories consumption. According to a nutritionist at the University of Missouri, eating breakfast initiates neurohormone - which triggers the feeling of being rewarded. This hormone helps controlling someone on how much they eat. However, there are many other reasons as to why people are still chewing their midnight snacks. It's not caused by hunger but rather, stress or boredom, or aching for the feeling of reward.

Don't drink too much coffee on breakfast or it will dehydrate you

A cup of coffee and egg benedicts in the morning sound really healthy. Indeed. A recent study by Mayo Clinic showed that the water inside our coffee balances the effect of dehydration - thus, it's perfectly fine to relish your morning with a delicious brew.

Breakfast is the most important meal

Only if breakfast is the Only meal of the day - then it becomes the most important one. If your breakfast includes chocolate waffles or pancakes with pineapple jam regularly, you are overdoing your meals - which could highly impact your health.

Even when these myths debunked, it's important not to skip breakfast if you are hungry. Just be sure to choose healthy foods instead of sugar-laden cakes. 

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