Littering Habit On First Date Relates To Social Factors, Coca Cola Explains

Mar 22, 2016 06:07 AM EDT | By Anita Valensia

Coca-Cola Enterprises partnered up with Keep Britain Tidy to analyze the littering behavior of young adults. The observation is part of the anti-litter campaign to initiate approaches that combat the littering issue.

The research examined young adults from 16 to 25 years old. It discovered factors that influenced the littering habit in the minds of these respondents. The Packaging News reported the results.

Personal influences

It turned out that the dumping behavior was influenced by personal trait. The situations were varied from throwing cigarettes into the drain, or leaving bottles on benches rather than putting them on the ground.

Object influences

Littering behavior is linked to the foodstuff packaging. Glass bottles, according to the respondents, were not acceptable to litter as it could pose a danger to other people. Whilst cans were disposable and bottles were seen to be less acceptable when it comes to littering.

Social influences

Participants did not consider littering in front of parents or on a first date due to the fear of being scolded. They admitted littering when going out with friends instead - even when they realized it was wrong.

Environmental influences

The attitude of littering was often done close to their hometown. Moreover, the habit was perceived as acceptable when done in cinemas and festivals because there was no dustbin. Participants also found littered in public places with regular cleaning service available.

The investigation reported that Cadbury and Coca-Cola are the most dumped packagings followed by McDonald's, Mars and Red bull. Chief Executive, Phil Barton, addressed the result as an alarm to the society to care more about the place they live. Barton further explained that the snapshot provided an insight of how littering affects perceptions of safety instead of being seen only as an environmental problem. Litter campaign is a solution to educate and raise awareness to care for the environment and reduce waste.

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