Want Pizza Without Any Effort? Download Domino's App

Apr 07, 2016 05:16 AM EDT | By Mikhail Blacer

Domino's Now Let's You Order Pizza just by Launching an App
Dominos recently launched a zero click app which allows users to simply run it to place a delivery order.
(Photo : Gellinger/Pixabay)

There are definitely times when we're all feeling both hungry and lazy, a dangerous combination. However, thanks to technology, you don't need to get up and make an effort when ordering food, particularly pizza. This is simply because Dominos Pizza has an app for you. 

The nationwide pizza chain recently launched a mobile app that lets you place a pizza order just by launching it. And no, you're not required to tap or navigate at all: you only have to launch it and wait. Dubbed as a "Zero-Click" app, it joins the ranks of the numerous pizza order experiments by the pizza chain. 

To use, you just have to tap it, wait for 10 seconds, and after a set amount of time, the pizza guy will come knocking at your doorstep. Take note, though, launching the app does not mean the pizza order has been placed. There is a 10-second countdown timer that is being displayed. If the time elapses without you pressing the button to stop the timer, the order is automatically placed in your local chain. After which, a screen appears asking you to confirm your order. 

How does it work?

Before you place an order, though, you first have to set up a profile on the company's website, Dominos.com and create something the company dubs as a "Pizza Profile". This includes all the data required for the company to make a delivery, like your credit card details, address, name, and phone number. The pizza being delivered to your doorstep is also determined here: for example, if you choose Hawaiian, then a Hawaiian will be brought to your doorstep when the app is launched. 

As of today, Dominos is arguably the most digital tech-savvy pizza companies which offer the most number and the best digital initiatives. Note that it also supports ordering via the Samsung Smart TV, Twitter, SMS, and through smartwatches like Android Wear. 


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