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Eating Salmon During Pregnancy Reduces the Chances of Asthma

Eating Salmon During Pregnancy May Reduce Asthma Risk in Kids

Eating salmon while pregnant reduces the child's asthma risk.

US Beef Looks to Reclaim Its Position in the Japanese Market

US Beef Exports Poised To Reclaim Market Share In Japan

United States beef exports are poised to reclaim their market share in Japan.

Everybody's Idea of a Cake

Introducing the Raindrop Cake: A Zero-Calorie Dessert

The raindrop cake is currently taking the Internet by storm, and for good measure: it's a zero-calorie dessert!

Food Waste is Contributing to Worldwide Climate Change

Wasting Food Can Lead to Climate Change

According to numerous studies, food waste is one of the leading factors contributing to climate change.

Salmon Harvests are Expected to Drop in Alaska

Alaska's Salmon Fisheries Expects Fewer Harvest But Higher Market Prices in 2016

Alaska's fishing output is expected to be lower this year.

A Glazed Donut

Krispy Kreme Japan Just Made an Ice Cream Donut Sandwich

Krispy Kreme in Japan just made a new delectable hybrid: donut ice cream sandwich

Reasor's to Hold an Oreo Stacking Contest

Oreo Stacking Contests to be Held at Reasor's Branches

An oreo stacking competition will be held in its branches all over Oklahoma.

Domino's Now Let's You Order Pizza just by Launching an App

Want Pizza Without Any Effort? Download Domino's App

Domino's now lets you order pizza without tapping or clicking: all you have to do is launch the app.

Most Fruits You See Now are Genetically Modified

#FoodBabeArmy Grows: Del Monte Foods Join Ranks; Avoid GMOs

Del Monte Foods, a company known for selling canned fruit and other products, shuns GMO food and joins the anti-GMO activist, Food Babe.

A Food Truck Serving Its Customers

FDA Finalizes Rule to Guarantee Food Safety During Transport

The United States Food and Drug Administration newly released a rule which ensures the prevention of food contamination during transportation.

As conflict in South Sudan Increases, Food Security Drops

Food Gap Increases in War-torn South Sudan, According to UN

According to the United Nations, food gap is increasingly becoming wide in South Sudan, spreading widespread hunger in the war-torn country.

A Cafe Catering to Customers

Hourly Wage in New York, California Now $15: Restaurants Forced to Adjust

New York and California enacts the $15 minimum wage law that is sure to impact restauranteurs in the said states.

Bacon Being Cooked

Study Says Bacon Can Lead to an Early Death

According to a study, bacon can lead to cancer and all sorts of ailments, causing an early death.

Potatoes can aid weight loss

Potatoes Might Help You Lose Weight, Says Study

Potatoes may be able to help you lose weight, despite being a major source of carbohydrates.

A KFC Poster Showing Col. Sander's Image

KFC Eyes Return to Original Way to Prepare Fried Chicken

As KFC is increasing it modernization efforts, it will go back to the way its founder prepares chicken.

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