The Best Grilling Techniques and Tips

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Do you feel like frying is too necessary, and you want to learn a new challenge in cooking? If so, you need to try grilling. Grilled food is one of the most enjoyed foods that are loved by many people. Some even host barbeque and grilling gatherings with their family and friends. Every event is unique when there is grilling involved, especially when you know how to do the right grill.

Whether you are a beginner to grilling or you already know your way to the grill, it is vital to know some techniques on how to make good grilled food. In this article, we will show you tips and techniques on how to achieve the perfect grill, even when you're just at home. 

Always start with a clean grill

If you used your grill the night before and plan to leave it because you plan to use it the next day, that's not going to be a great idea. One needs to keep their grills clean at all times, regardless if you use it daily. Do not let any residue from the previous restaurant stay overnight or for a couple of days and let the new meat touch the waste. Healthwise, it is not advisable. To clean a grill, you may use a sturdy metal brush to clean the grates. You may scrape the residue from time to time even during cooking, so it won't be hard to clean after. 

Do not move the food all the time

Although it is essential to flip the food on the griller, avoid doing it from time to time. Allow each side to grill for a couple of minutes until it is ready to be flipped over. One sign that you can take is when you try to flip the meat over, and it still sticks, it only means it is not ready yet. Keep in mind that when the meat is still stuck in the grill, it will cook more if you let it be for a few minutes. 

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Do not flatten the meat

Typically people will flatten or squeeze the meat on the grill, but it should not be done. Squishing the meat on the grill as it cooks will let the juice out from the meat. In the end, your meat will become dry when served on your plate. 

Always have a water spray bottle at hand

Although it's the flame that makes the meat cooked, it is unnecessary to have an intense fire. When your flame misbehaves, you can tone it down but spraying water on it. Thus, keeping a water spray bottle by your side is essential. 

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Always check your meat's temperature

A meat thermometer will come in handy when you grill. It is essential to keep track of your meat's cooking status, primarily when you can't determine if it's ready to eat. A quick check on the meat thermometer will do. However, you can still check if the meat is cooked by touching and feeling it. If it's soft, it's rare. If it's as smooth as your cheek, then it's medium-rare. If it's as firm as your forehead, it's well done.

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