Keene State Riot: Pumpkin Festival Loses Control Completely

Oct 19, 2014 01:46 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter

Keene State Riot - Yesterday, Oct. 18 was the celebration of the Keene Pumpkin Festival. Things that were planned to be a fun celebration turned to mayhem as the day went by.

The Keene Pumpkin Festival is an event that has been held for 24 years as of this year. It's a day where food and drinks are sold, and other products as well but taking as the main character to the pumpkin.

Still, this year was the first time that everything lost control completely. In Keene, New Hampshire, instead of celebrating another year with various pumpkins, the celebration was made with riots in the streets.

According to NECN, the first incident took place at 2.30 pm at a party in Winchester Street and then there was a second incident around 9 pm, where the police took action both times.

Apparently, more than 12 arrests were made and 30 people got injured, with 20 at least ending up in the hospital.

Also, cars were tried to be flipped over, and one was definitely flipped over and trashed. Fires were started and fireworks were lighted throughout the night.

To stop this, the afternoon events haven't been cleared out but before 10 pm, the police unloaded tear gas into Winchester Street to stop the riots that were developing and some time after 10 pm, the Street looked very different.

Things were shown to be much calmer and there were no people anymore in the street causing commotion.

Today, WMUR noted that this morning many students and other people were taking care of cleaning up the mess that had been done the previous night and even showed one arrest that was being done to a young man at the moment.

"We're out here trying to fix the Keene state name," said a senior student.

"Yesterday gave us many lessons; sorting them out and learning will take time. There is some thing each of us can do to help," was a message posted on the Keene Pumpkin Festival page about the situation. 

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