Robot Bartenders?! Yes, Royal Caribbean DID Make That Happen – Quantum Of The Seas, The World’s First Smartship Is Going Out Tomorrow!

Nov 01, 2014 07:21 PM EDT | By Staff Reporter


Robot Bartenders - These are not complete innovations as a robotically working bar already exists in Illmenau, Germany. But it's the first time it's brought to the seas!

Quantum of The Seas will be beginning its voyage on Sunday, going from Southampton, England. It's already docked there. It will be going to New York and then it will relocate in the Caribbean for the 2014-2015 season, according to the Daily Mail.

The ship has been the longest awaited throughout the year and what it has that others don't is the fact that the high technology in Quantum of The Seas is truly remarkable.

One of the differences and first launching is the robot bartender mode. Royal Caribbean named it "Bionic Bar" and introduced it in an enthralling way.

"Mixology meets technology as the first true robotic bar in the world delivers innovation and WOWs on every level. With laser precision, robotic arms powered by Makr Shakr work in perfect synchronization, assembling beverages designed to energize."

Alessandro Insica of Makr Shakr had an interview with USA Today, where he explained that the bar has two "robotic arms" which are in charge of making and mixing the drinks.

Apparently, people ask them from the tablets that are located throughout the bar and the machines mix them. The options are endless. There are classic cocktails, varied ones or even thought-of ones at the moment.

Another fun option that the robot bartender offers is for customers to be able to watch while the drinks are mixed. Everything takes place on top of the bar.

A detail that might be a big benefit about the robot bartender is that every drink is made with the right and precise proportions. Many times a person buys a drink and the bartender perhaps put a little bit too much of a liquor, making it "funny."

That is eliminated here. The robot bartender is introduced to deliver only the best inside a ship where all of the best take place, it seems.

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