Man saves infant submerged car- Two men were hailed as heroes as they saved a baby from the submerged SUV on Monday.

Man Saves Infant In Submerged Car: [VIDEO + REPORT] Modern Good Samaritans Saved Baby from Drowning

Man from Maine saves infant in submerged car in Kossuth Township, roughly 175 miles Northeast of Portland on Monday night.

India is now handling its recent Ebola patient who tested positive on his semen test. The man who was treated in Liberia is declared Ebola-free but is being quarantined after he arrived at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, India.

Ebola In India Latest News: Is India Ready For Ebola?

There were no known cases of Ebola in India, but the latest news of a 26-year-old man who was isolated on Tuesday after he tested positive in Ebola on his semen is the very first in the country.

America's favorite daddy, Bill Cosby is facing repeated sexual assaults. NBC and Netflix had withdrawn projects with the popular comedian.

Bill Cosby Net Worth: [UPDATES] How’s Bill Cosby Net Worth In The Midst Of Sexual Assault Controversy

Bill Cosby net worth- Lately, Bill Cosby has been dragged into the most challenging controversy he had faced in his life.

The below freezing temperature had caused a total 150 vehicles to be stranded on the roads for some hours while others had spent overnight without moving in the  icy-snowy roads.

Freezing Temperatures In All 50 States: [PHOTOS] Coldest November After 38 Years, How Can You Prepare For Ferocious Weather Like This?

Below freezing temperatures in all 50 states including Hawaii were registered on Tuesday. It is definitely the coldest November morning ever experienced since 1976, according to Weather Bell Analytics, meteorologist.

Contrave is seen as another option to solve the epidemic obesity problem in the U.S.

Top Five Things To Know About FDA Approved New Anti-Obesity Drug

A new anti-obesity drug has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in September.

Berocca is composed of vitamin B, vitamin C, caffeine, zinc, and different other supplements.

Berocca: No More Hangover! World’s Remedy For Hangover Finally Arrives In U.S.

Berocca has finally arrived in the United States. Berocca is here to rescue millions of Americans who are getting hangover over a night of celebrations and booze.

Gordon Ramsay (middle), claimed that he was sabotaged by his competitor in the business.

Gordon Ramsay Fake Reservation: 100 No Show Out Of 140 Reservations, Celebrity Chef Confirms It’s Sabotage!

Gordon Ramsay temper is bad, but fake reservation at his newly opened restaurant is even more appalling.

Could Apple be the first company in the world to be worth $1 trillion?


Apple $1 Trillion- Apple could be worth $1 Trillion in the coming days. Apple, one of the most lucrative companies in the world from the last few decades could reach a market cap of $1 trillion, Business analysts say on Monday.

The Great Dane that delivered 19 puppies from Pennsylvania is named Snowy.

Adorable Great Dane 19 Puppies Born In Pennsylvania, Will It Be Guinness Book of World Records Largest Litter?

Great Dane 19 Puppies- Residents from York Haven, Pennsylvania Brandon and Aimie Terry knew that their Great Dane Snowy was pregnant, but to their surprise, they didn't expect that she will gave birth to 19 puppies.

The Aero Commander 500 crashed into the house of the 80-year-old couple after take off from Midway airport on Tuesday.

Chicago Plane Crash: [PHOTOS+VIDEO] Miracle Saved 80-Year-Old Couple As Plane Crashes Their Home

Chicago plane crash, happened at residential area near Midway airport early Tuesday. The cargo plane hit the home of old couple, leaving the pilot dead while the couple was saved from the tragic incident.

Move, move, move!

Five Proven Ways To Lose Belly Fats

Proven ways to lose belly fats- Having a lean body with no excess baggage on your belly is dream of almost everyone. However, cutting back on your favorite foods is not easy. You may also find it more challenging if you've been pregnant, or you're at your 30s.

These powerful spices are natural aphrodisiacs with its tempting color and spiciness.

Aphrodisiacs: Sexy Foods That Puts You In The Mood

Do you know that there are certain foods that can elevate your sexual desire? These foods dubbed as Aphrodisiacs have been around in history. Due to their unique shapes, sensual taste or even aromas, these foods are known to improve sexual hormones, give a spike to body temperature and even elevate the energy you need for the act.

Bruce and Burt Jenner on their wheels as they raced at the annual 1000 off-road race in Baja, Mexico.

Bruce Jenner $500000 Wreck Car Is Nothing As He Reaps Enjoyment Of Being Out Of Kris Jenner’s Cage

Bruce Jenner $500000 wreck car made headlines as Bruce Jenner, Kris Jenner's former husband, and his son, Burt hit the car they were driving in Baja, Mexico during the annual 1000 off-road race.

 Aside from adult heart, baby's foot and head, there were also two pieces of adult tattooed skins confiscated from the Americans.

Manhunt For Americans Over Stolen Body Parts Continues, “They Are Bizarre”-Suspect Claims

Over stolen body parts- Two Americans were apprehended over stolen body parts in one of the medical museums in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bloomberg has reported that by 2020, the gap between how much consumers eat chocolates and how much it is produced could bloat up to 1 million metric tons. And by 2030, world wide chocolate shortage could even swell up to 2 million metric tons.

World Wide Chocolate Shortage: May Turn Your Chocolate Bars To Mini Sizes In Near Future

World Wide Chocolate Shortage- Are you a chocoholic like the 1 billion people who eat chocolates every day? An average American eats 12 pounds of this sweet temptation in a year, while Europeans consume about 15 pounds.

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Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Launches Big Yellow Box Catering Options

Big Yellow Box by Dickey's Barbecue Pit is convenient and compact and is ideal for small groups, for any occasion.


Check out London's first and brand new cheese conveyor belt restaurant

London is now having its first-ever cheese conveyor belt restaurant, and it's going to be cheesy.

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do sous vide

Why Should You Do Sous Vide in Your Kitchen

Sous Vide cooking has become a popular cooking technique in the last few years, with all the introduction of cooking shows to the mass media.

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Shake Shack Upgrades App With Direct Delivery, and Caters Drive-Thru Only

The Shake Shack app now offers direct delivery.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf launches new app for direct delivery

You can now order your favorite drinks and snacks from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf through their mobile app.

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