Burgeoning Craft Beer Industry Creates Niche Market For Limited Release Beers

Can Hops Cure Cancer? Beer Ingredient Shows Potential

In an article,Food and Wine said researchers are synthetically reproducing anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-Cancer compounds found in hop. Potentially, they say, it can cure cancer.

Fresh Produce Is Bought And Sold At The Local Markets Despite Ecoli Crisis

Did You Know Broccoli Prevents Cancer?

The best way to prepare broccoli is to steam it well. This way, it would not lose its flavor nor its nutrients.


Foods That Can Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a disease we must all take precaution against no matter what. The American Cancer Society recommends that you eat a minimum of five servings of fruits and vegetables daily to stay healthy. Research has found out that certain foods may actually protect you from getting cancer. Here are a bunch of food you can eat to prevent yourself from getting cancer

Cheese can Cure Cancer?

Study: Cheese Can Kill Cancer Cells

Good news, hardcore cheese fans! There is a new study by the University of Michigan that suggest cheese can actually kill cancer cells! Now you can munch up on cheese without the guilt!

Jeremy Hunt Speaks At The Britain Against Cancer Conference

British Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt Wants Stricter Junk Food Ads

The UK government is really focusing on health, after numerous studies show alarming results, especially on children.

A pregnant woman receives an ultrasound.

Study: Ultrasounds Can Detect Breast Cancer

Using the ultrasound, however, was better at detecting invasive cancers and those without calcifications, said lead author Dr. Wendie Berg, of Magee-Women's Hospital of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Genetic coding is an essential component to precision medicine.

Precision Medicine: The Final Solution to Cancer?

What is behind Precision Medicine Initiative to be allocated billions and billions of funds by the Obama administration? What power does it have to destroy cancer? What is precision medicine?

Research Into Cancer Conducted At The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

How Random Is Cancer? A New Study Adds to the Answer

With a bit of luck and inherited genes, you may be safe from cancer. However, a new study finds that it's not more of a "bad luck" than a combination of genes and lifestyle that leads to cancer.


Fitness Fanatic Bodybuilder Died From Cancer caused By 'Misusing' Steroids

Bodybuilder who ate 10,000 calories a day and drank eight cans of energy drink died of cancer caused by years of steroid abuse

Cancer Patients

Is Cancer Really the Disease for the Rich? Study Reveals That It May Not Be the Case

Increasing cancer rates across the globe may be a result of citizens' income level.

Cancer Sucks Button

Pancreatic Cancer: One of the Most Deadly Cancer Type People Are Not Aware Of

Pancreatic cancer is a kind of cancer that has a surprising mortality rate, and it was the cause of Apple CEO’s Steve Jobs’ death.

Boosie Badazz 'Touchdown 2 Cause Hell' Album Listening Session

Rapper Lil Boosie Reveals Cancer Through Instagram Post

Lil Boosie reveals that he has kidney cancer and asks for prayers from the fans

cancer patient

Could Chemotherapy Make the Disease Worse?

Experts and cancer survivor, Chris Wark explained the truth about chemotheraphy and why it may harm your health.

Smokeless Tobacco

Think It's All About the Smoke? Experts Say Smokeless Tobacco is Just as Harmful

Studies reveal that smokeless tobacco may do more harm than good to its users.

Cancer medicine

New Drug to Extend a Person's Life, Are You Willing to Pay the Huge Price Tag?

Breast cancer drug Kadycla has been released to extend the patient's life but it comes with a very huge price tag.

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Food Biz
How Can You Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins?

How Can You Reduce Your Exposure to Toxins?

There are so many ways we can experience exposure to harmful poisons, and in many cases, we may not realize it's happening. From household cleaners and similar products to children's toys, there are often toxins and poisonous products and ingredients lurking in even the most unsuspecting of places.

Top 4 reasons why more and more athletes are turning vegan

Top 4 Reasons Why More and More Athletes are Turning Vegan

All pro level athletes know about the dedication needed to not just accomplish their goals, but to achieve even bigger targets in their lives. It's also a commonly known fact that fitness and exercise alone cannot get them there. Putting the right food into their bodies is equally important.

Five Vital Asian-Foods that you should must try

Five Vital Asian-Foods that you should must try

Asian nourishment all in all is substantially more sound than Western cooking. With the absence of dairy fat and added substances, alongside an emphasis on zingy season and crisp fixings, it's anything but difficult to discover solid alternatives on any Asian-propelled menu.

Food Tech

Top Wedding Food Trends For 2020

Tired of the conventional three-course meals at wedding receptions? Want something different? Give the menu a twist with our trendy wedding food ideas.

Famous Ports in Scotland

Famous Ports in Scotland

The United Kingdom, which is considered one of the most interesting places in the world. Mainly due to the versatility of its existence and the Union of the countries involved in the empire.

Night Markets in Asia

Night Markets in Asia

Traveling to new cities is always an exciting adventure. One of the best ways to see a city and try local food is by visiting famous night markets. Night markets are always bustling and full of locals and foreigners trying the delights.

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