Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver's New Cookbook Is Perfect for a Post COVID-19 Era

Jamie Oliver has already announced his next cookbook.

Jamie Oliver

Grapes on Pizza: Jamie Oliver's Recipe Divides the Internet

While the name "Speedy Sausage Pizza" is intriguing, Jamie Oliver's masterpiece raised some eyebrows because it had grapes as toppings.

Easter Treats

Easter 2016 Hot Cross Buns: Get Into The Debates Or Just Enjoy Them?

It’s becoming a worldwide debate up till today – whether to eat the baked bread when it is on sale or patiently wait until it’s time for Good Friday

Spicy Black Bean Chilli

Healthy Spicy Black Bean Soup: Easy Cooking Tips To Follow [VIDEO]

Among the major food trends expected in 2016 this spicy black bean soup recipe by celebrated chef Jamie Oliver mixes the delights and amazing benefits of the humble black bean.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver believes:

6 Essential Sugar Facts To Help Counter Addiction

The innocuous white substance that is so commonplace in every dinner table and abundantly present in virtually every meal has a far more devastating effect to the health than most people realise. Excessive consumption of sugar is one of the leading causes of a number of serious health conditions as obesity, Type 2 diabetes and cancers. Here are a few helpful facts on sugar and its consumption.

'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Kendall Jenner prepared for her first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with a sweet potato meal.

Sweet Potato Nutritional Beneftis: Find Out Why Catwalk Darling and Lily Aldridge, Kendall Jenner's Go-To Food is Snubbed in America

Victoria's Secret Angel Lily Aldridge once confessed to being addicted to roasted chicken and sweet potatoes. Kendall Jenner, preparing for her first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show said that she dined on 'chicken and sweet potato and egg whites and avocado'. IMG model Danielle Copperman is quoted from her food diary: "If you are home for dinner, make a plain meal of meat or fish, green vegetables and either quinoa, brown rice or sweet potato.

Jamie Oliver

Chef Jamie Oliver cooks up global expansion for Italian chain

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver inspired home cooks across Britain with his "pukka tukka" or nutritious food recipes and now he wants to expand his profile internationally by opening up to 20 of his Italian restaurants around the world.

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