Jennifer Lawrence Dating Prince Harry? After Chris Martin, J-Law Goes Royal After Emma Watson?

Apr 28, 2015 02:13 PM EDT | By Victoria Guerra


Over the past few months, tabloids around the world have had a field day with Jennifer Lawrence's dating life, keeping the Oscar-winning actress perpetually on headlines - and now, as the "Hunger Games" star's romantic life hasn't made headlines for a while, rumor has it she was involved with Prince Harry.

In the past, J-Law, as she's known in the media, has made it clear that she loves British accents and men, and Jennifer Lawrence's dating history seems to confirm this, after having been in a long-term relationship with her "X-Men" co-star Nicholas Hoult and then started dating Coldplay leader Chris Martin - and rumor has it she might be going out with another Englishman now.

According to International Business Times, the latest Jennifer Lawrence dating rumors have placed the "American Hustle" actress under invitation from Prince Harry himself to visit Kensington Palace - but it seems the beautiful 24 year-old declined.

Most women would probably go to great lengths for a date with a member of the English royal family, but Jennifer Lawrence's dating plans are apparently different from most - and The Inquisitr reports that there are still rumors that the young actress continues to date Martin, though there have also been several rumors of their supposed split as the singer recently filed for divorce from estranged wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

While this is the first time that Jennifer Lawrence's dating life is mentioned around Prince Charles' youngest son with Diana, Harry himself is no stranger to tabloids, having dated English socialites Cressida Bonas and Camilla Thurlow in the past, besides reportedly going out with "Harry Potter" actress Emma Watson, though the star has denied these claims.

"He has given his flunkies a list of Hollywood hotties he wants to attend," a source close to Prince William's little brother said to Perez Hilton. "Harry has a thing for all of them, but Jennifer's his number-one girl right now. Harry thinks Jennifer is a girl after his own heart - very chill and out for a good time. Harry is looking for a serious relationship and is ready to settle down. And the way he's thinking right now he could end up with a Hollywood wife."

Unfortunately for those hoping for a Grace Kelly-style wedding between a royal and a Hollywood star, it seems like Jennifer Lawrence's dating life isn't getting anywhere near Buckingham Palace!

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