Court In Texas Supports Limits On Abortion

Jun 11, 2015 11:14 PM EDT | By Lui

The federal judicial system recently announced their support on putting some limits on the abortion law in the state of Texas. The court's plan was found strict by many and it is being criticized as a devastating move. 

One of the lawyers representing a local clinic told The Daily Signal that if this finally takes effect, the impact will be devastating for women in that state should they need some access on abortion services. The abortion Law in Texas or the House Bill 2 was passed in 2013 and it deals with the health and safety codes in the area. It requires abortion clinics to function like hospital surgical centers with regards to the equipment, staffing and even building necessities.

Since this announcement, Wisconsin Gazette promulgated the fact that abortion clinic owners in Texas are looking like they don't have a choice but to shut down due to the new rules that require millions of dollars for the upgrade and change in their facility, which is something they can't afford. This could mark the second largest wave of business closures that has ever happened in Texas. In 2012, 41 clinics already closed down even before this new rules came.

Everyone is just shattered from this news that Nancy Northrop of the Center for Reproductive Rights even voiced out how she felt about it saying, "Not since before Roe v. Wade has a law or court decision had the potential to devastate access to reproductive health care on such a sweeping scale."

Note that the new rules are not yet in effect, but soon as it does, about 10 abortion facilities are just expected to be open in the entire state out of the 18 that are remaining according to the New York Times. The final decision will take effect after 22 days and it will come from the Fifth Circuit, which is among the most conservative federal courts in the US.

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