Faith In Humanity Restored When an Anonymous Legend Returned a Lost Wallet

Jul 31, 2015 09:00 PM EDT | By abbie uychiat

Faith in humanity restored when a college student lost his wallet at the Luton airport as per The Lad Bible,Tom Watts already lost his hopes in finding it, thinking it was stolen. But to his surprise his wallet was then mailed back to him (addressed to his parent's house) after a couple of days with everything still intact, with a kind note stating: "I'm really sorry, Tom. I picked this up thinking it was my mate's and there was no number. "Hope you enjoyed Serbia and good luck at uni!"

Tom Watts then turned to social media on a mission in looking for the good Samaritan, he then posted:

This is bloody awesome.

"Last weekend, I lost my wallet at Luton airport when I flew back from holiday... This morning, I received this in the post at my parents' house, There's not a single penny missing - all my cards and ID etc. are all still there! There are some incredible people out there. BUT, there's no name or contact details on the note so I can't even say thanks..." he then ended his post stating: "Let's find this anonymous legend."

After weeks of circulating online, Luton  then stated that his post was shared more than 56,000 times and was successful in searching for the kind stranger which was later on known as Sam Fosberry which came all the way from Australia. Fosberry then made an effort to respond to all the positive comment stating "Thanks guys I only did what I would want in return. Didn't expect the papers to get involved."

In this generation of dishonestly and untruthfulness it's always good to see or hear something positive from time to time, which would then remind us that amidst this world of chaos, there are beautiful souls that are constantly shining, reminding everyone that a good deed never goes out of style.

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