Anti-Depressants, Doing More Harm Than Good

Aug 04, 2015 09:10 PM EDT | By abbie uychiat

Depression have been talking its toll over the years and has caused numerous deaths worldwide, numerous studies have been made to ease or cure the said disorder, yet no one has come up with a perfect solution to it. Though awareness and campaigns were made to fight and prevent it, death tolls caused by depression continues to rise as the years have passed, thus giving some researchers an idea to come up of a recent study which considers depression as an infectious disease instead of an emotional disorder.

The Head of Psychiatry at the Hergest Psychiatric in Bangor Wales, namely Dr. David Healey placed this thought into considerations that more studies regarding the possibility of depression as an infectious disease instead of an emotional disorder as reported on the Inspire Amaze website. Dr. Healey then stated:

"Instead of conceptualising major depression as an emotional disorder, I suggest to re-conceptualise it as some form of an infectious disease," he then wrote in the journal "Biology of Mood and Anxiety Disorders". "I propose that future research should conduct a concerted search for parasites, bacteria, or viruses that may play a causal role in the etiology of major depression."

Though the studies on depression as an infectious disease have not been pushed further yet, another study on depression's cure has emerged over the years causing conflicts amongst researchers themselves. These studies on anti-depressants being more of like a trigger rather than a cure caused limitless conflict regarding pharmaceutical companies and psychiatrists as well.

As stated in Natural Society, Anti-Depressants may not be the root cause of depression but can do serious harm in altering the brain function as well. As added on the report, psychotropic drugs can then interfere with the brain's neuro transmitters which then upsets the delicate process of the brain , the altering of its regular process then results to side effects mimicking the mental illness.   

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