Numerous Popular Restaurants See An Increase In Their Stocks

Mar 05, 2013 07:57 PM EST | By Jaclyn Ashley

Today, many restaurant companies are experiencing an increase in their stock prices. According to the Associate Press, Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. rose 2.7 percent to $330.41, Darden Restaurants Inc. rose .7 percent to $46.60, Dominos Pizza Inc. rose 1.7 percent to $9.95. McDonalds Corp rose .7 percent to $95.78, Panera rose 1.0 percent to $163.25, and Papa John's International Inc rose 2.8 percent to $57.06.

Chipotle is well known for their over sized burritos, fresh ingredients and customer service. The company is now selling 100% cotton sweatshirts in order to increase their annual revenue in 2013. Their primary competitor is Taco Bell which is a part of the Yum! Brand. Chipotle considers themselves to be gourmet and their burritos are much different than the ones served at Taco Bell. Customers walk down a line and choose the ingredients they want put in to their burrito. They also offer a choice of whole wheat or flour tortillas.

Panera Bread offers their customers fresh baked breads which are heated in their ovens daily. They also have different soups on their menu along with desserts.

Dominos Pizza offers a variety of low priced deals. They currently have a deal called Multiple Choice, All Correct going on where people can choose from pizzas, chicken wings, pastas, their oven baked sandwiches and cheesy stuffed bread for $5.99 each.

Papa John's might be experiencing an increase in sales due to their newest pizza options, Steak and Cheese and Chicken Parmesan. Their website made sure to insure customers their beef is 100% USDA certified and their cheese is 100% mozzarella. They also brought back their Five Sausage and Buffalo Chicken pizzas.

McDonalds could be seeing a positive shift in their sales due to new menu items like the Fish McBites. This new menu item comes in three different sizes and is made with the same fish as their famous Filet-O-Fish Sandwich. The altering of their menu is just what the company needs in order to achieve more of an increase in their revenue. Customers love new products. It keeps the menu new. Readers will be kept updated on the status of restaurant stocks.

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