Jessica Alba Looks Like a Star Wars Stormtrooper in Her New Facial Treatment

Jan 10, 2020 03:40 PM EST | By Lyka Darna

Jessica Alba

(Photo : Getty Images)

The 34-year-old, actress and co-owner of The Honest Company shared her latest beauty secret on Instagram earlier this week - only that she looks like that of a Stormtrooper from Star War's all because she wears an anti- aging beauty mask.

This mother of two and The Sin City: A Dame to Kill For actress is on full head gear as she tries on this cutting-edge facial treatment called LED light therapy that produces wonders to her skin - only that you have to stand looking like a stiff white robot for a few minutes. Aware of how terrifying the mask she wears looks like, Jessica captioned her Instagram post with "Emergency session w @shanidarden before work today (sic)". The post earned almost 50k likes and a hundred of confused fans and followers.

Having been in the beauty and wellness industry, Jessica has had an easy access to this newest technology that will care for her skin and revive her youthful glow. The mask is called Deesse Opera mask designed by GTG Korea that sells for $3000 per unit. What the machine does is to deliver light therapy in the face. The emission of red lights is to blast off wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin. While the blue light rays kills the bacteria which causes acne. The third light emission part of the treatment helps circulation and heals scars.

Recently, the celebrity skincare specialist, Georgia Louise expressed her excitement about her own Deesse system, but cautioned everyone about its complications when not done by a professional.

In her statement to America's Harper's Bazaar, "You have to give instructions on how to use it-you don't want to overdose on light therapy. It's a professional-strength mask, and it's not something to be bought lightly and abused," she also added, "But for anyone who wants to prolong healthy looking skin without invasive surgeries, it's a phenomenal tool. It's fabulous for inflammation and controlling the sebaceous glands. [It's] life-changing. Linda Evangelista was the first client to buy it, then makeup artist Gucci Westman got one, and it just snowballed."

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