Order, Pay and Fly: Unique Food Delivery App Available in India Airports

Oct 29, 2015 11:29 AM EDT | By Pao Uychiat

In today's modern world, technology is keeping up with people's fast-paced lifestyle. 

Technology is making everything easy. People can keep in touch with someone from across the world with just one click, shopping from the comforts of your home and more recently, ordering food through software applications.

But how true is it that they are losing their momentum?  According to an article in Business Standard, many companies that have joined the online food ordering trend are facing several challenges now. It is cited that the main reason could be the cost of logistics. Others cited a different reason. They said that setting up information technology infrastructure for every restaurant costs a lot, and to add to that, the competition is so tight that in order to get customers, they need to offer discounts and promotions as well. 

But what if you have your own restaurant and logistics and a total monopoly of the market. How will the situation look like?

This situation is true for one company, Lite Bite Foods. They recently launched a delivery application called FooGo. This app allows them to deliver food at the departure gate of Mumbai and Delhi Airports. Their target market would be the business travellers who don't have the luxury of time to stand in line to get food or for some who just arrived in time to catch another flight. Amit Burman, chairman of Lite Bite Foods, said that they manage about 60 percent of the restaurants in Mumbai airport and about 40 percent in Delhi airport. All items that can be carried on board are listed on the menu and customers can place their order at least 40 minutes before boarding the plane. All they need to do is show their boarding cards and pay for the meal they ordered. For some special meal specifications, such as gluten or lactose-free meals, they should order at least 12 hours ahead.

Since this idea is so unique, he plans to expand to other airport and railway stations as well. He hopes that if the idea is successful in India, he can eventually take it internationally. Lite Bite Foods is partners with global brands such as KFC, Subway and Krispy Kreme. This app is on Play Store and the iOS version will be launched next week.

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