Apple Cider Is Said To Be Related To A New Foodborne Disease Outbreak

Nov 08, 2015 12:55 PM EST | By Lyka Darna

A recent foodborne disease outbreak was said to be related to apple cider in the state of Illinois and it has now affected 70 people. The Inquisitr has some details about it and saying that those who bought apple cider from vendors during a festival in this state must go and check with their local health department.

There number of victims in this case has gone up since this news occurred 3 days ago. According to the state's health officials, they are suspecting apple cider to be the reason behind this gastrointestinal outbreak, as most of these people bought those at a recent fall festival known as the Pike Country Color Drive that happened in Pike County, Illinois.

Health officials have already sent out a warning to those purchasers during the event and they even advised health care providers to check for E. coli and cryptosporidium, as these could be the reasons as well. As of the moment, they haven't confirmed any information regarding the exact cause of those foodborne illnesses that is becoming an epidemic.

Symptoms of the said disease involve vomiting, abdominal pain and even diarrhea containing blood. These symptoms are usually reported to last for up to a couple of weeks. As for the illness itself, it could take up to just a couple of days, but it could also make the patient not being able to do anything for a month. People whose immune system is not well could suffer from this gastrointestinal disease longer than those whose immune system is healthy.

Another bad thing about it is it could reoccur. This is why it is important to get in touch with a doctor, as soon as symptoms were seen. As for apple cider, the Herald-Whig also confirmed that those who were infect by this outbreak have drank apple cider from different locations during the said festival.

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