Depression Awareness: Understanding the Types of Depression

Nov 19, 2015 09:04 AM EST | By abbie uychiat


Depression is one of the most lethal mental disorders to ever plague a human mind. It is unavoidable, losing the urge to live, or even just to get up and face the day. Though it does have a variety of causes, the treatment may vary per individual.

It is often paired with anxiety, and it can cloud a person's judgement. As per the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, a behavior as mild as feeling discouraged, hopeless, demotivated, sad, and a disinterest with living in general are subtle signs of depression.

The website then indicated that there are several types of depression, and each case differs from another. Those named as major depressions are persistent depressive disorder, and bipolar disorder. Each of these symptoms can simultaneously occur with any anxiety driven disorder.

Depression and anxiety disorders are not the same. Individuals that are suffering from depression however often go through the same symptoms with those who have anxiety disorders. They are usually nervous, highly irritable, and having a hard time concentrating and sleeping. As per the website however most individuals who suffer from depression underwent anxiety disorders earlier in life. There is no evidence however that one disorder causes the other.

As per Everyday Health, depression is often caused by genetics, brain abnormalities, stressful situations and gender. The website then gave different types of depression which includes:

Bipolar Disorder, a type of depression in which an individual would go through a series of extreme emotions in an alternating episode. The individual would go through emotional highs and lows.

Dysthymia on the other hand is a mild depression which only lasts two years or longer. It may be less severe than major depression but it does involve the same symptoms as major depression.

Postpartum depression is often neglected. It often occurs to mothers after giving birth.

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