Holding In Your Poop Can Actually Be Deadly, Experts Warn

Nov 20, 2015 06:30 PM EST | By Ma. Danilyn Miravalles


You get the urge, however, you're at work. You head to the restroom and discovered that many of your colleagues were there. There is no way you can answer the call of nature!  In situations like this, our tendency is to hold it. Lots of people are ready to delay the time suppressing the need. Some are also not comfortable 'doing it' in public. But then putting off defecation could end up having a lot more lethal effects to the body.

Experts are warning that in serious events, sustaining a poo in for a prolonged time frame could actually lead to death, as per Mirror.

A teenager girl passed away after going eight weeks without a bowel movement. Emily Titterington, 16, lived with a mild autism and suffered from gut issues while she was still alive yet doctors were not able to pinpoint the cause. The result of the autopsy revealed that she a "massive extension of her large bowel" as a result of accumulation of feces that had compressed her chest cavity and disarranged her internal organs.

Researchers claimed that individuals that constantly delay going making a trip to the toilet have a high chance of acquiring muscle dysfunction.

One an immobile bulk of feces accumulates in the rectum this will lead to chronic bowel problem and anyone may experience a disturbed bowel.

Experts also emphasize that an impacted bowel could involve surgical operations or maybe even result to death if not given much attention.

Amy Shira Teitel gives a brief discussion regarding the condition in a Discovery News clip which was released to the public this week. She states that one could possibly be on a flight and so decides to hold in rather than utilizing the airplane toilets. 

The author of Gut Sense, Konstantin Monastyrsky, also stated that containing in poo even just one time is unhealthy since it would lead to the accumulation of stool. As the stool dries out, it blocks the digestive system which in result, an impacted bowel.

Therefore, we should keep in mind that on a regular basis, emptying our guts is always a good deal for our wellbeing.

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