Organic Food Versus Conventional Food: Which One is Healthier?

Nov 20, 2015 10:30 PM EST | By Pao Uychiat


The word organic became more popular in this generation. That is because people are becoming more aware of the effects of not eating right and not choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. In this generation particularly, people are becoming more obsessed about how to keep themselves fit and choosing to not only live healthy but eat healthy as well. However, which food is more healthy, Organic or Conventional food?

As per an article in Euro parl, people are aware of what organic food is, but how about the benefits? The impact of organic food was discussed by some health experts during a meeting by the Parliament's science and technology unit. These experts said that a further study may be needed to have proof of its nutritional benefits. They even set up a poll in one of their social media platform, Twitter. The poll resulted to about two thirds of the participants responded with a preference for organic food.

Fresh Organic Vegetables
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Organic food is produced from sustainable agriculture and processes that don't harm the human health, environment or plants. These products are usually labeled organic only with about 95% of its ingredients is organic. Momchil Nekov, a Bulgarian S&D Member and the chairman of the meeting said that organic farming should receive more attention in public health discussions that provide investment in public health.

In general, the experts agreed that although more research is needed to assess the concrete nutritional benefits, consumers of organic foods are generally more health-minded: "There is a lack of evidence of organic crops having more significant nutritional value than conventional ones," said Bernhard Watzl, from the Max Rubner-Institut in Germany. However, Axel Mie from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and Johannes Kahl, from The Netherlands Food Quality and Health Association, pointed out that people who buy organic food tend to consume more fruit, vegetables, wholegrains or nuts than non-organic consumers, which benefits their health.

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