3 Foods You Can Eat Without Ruining Your Diet

Nov 20, 2015 10:55 PM EST | By Jeanell Sumagpao

For those who are serious about losing weight, a teaspoon of Nutella or a scoop of ice cream are big temptations and cannot be tolerated. But experts believe that one does not need to fully deny herself of these treats to cut of calories but rather eating them in control would not destroy a person's diet. Abby Langer, RD, dietitian from Toronto stated, "People feel like they need to be perfect all the time, but it's not sustainable. It's hard to keep up that level of restriction. Really, you can eat anything you want, you just shouldn't be eating it all the time."

The foods in this list would satisfy your craving and if eaten in moderation would not make one feel guilty eating.

Nuts- According to Kerry Torren, nutritional therapist, nuts have countless health benefits depending on its kind. "Packed with protein, fibre and essential fats, nuts are one of this season's best buys. A golf ball-sized portion (about 30g) of unsalted nuts makes a vitality-boosting snack and, unlike most other options, contributes a mix of valuable vitamins and minerals," Torren stated. Almonds are rich of Vitamin E which is good for the skin.

Cashews on the other hand, are good sources of iron and zinc that the body needs.  Pistachios have their share of health benefits as well. "Thirty pistachios total about 100 calories, which isn't too shabby for a protein-packed snacks," Lauren Harris-Pincus R.D. dietitian at New York.

Milk Chocolate- Many think that dark is the only choice of chocolate that would not mess up with one's weight but according to Langer, "Even though milk chocolate isn't the nutrient-dense super food its antioxidant-rich sister is, it's not going to tip the scale in any meaningful way-if you're not going overboard. Gaining or losing weight is about your overall dietary patterns, so if your diet is usually on-fleck, a few squares of milk chocolate once or twice a week is fine, " Langer stated.

Cheese- Healthyeating provided several benefits of eating cheese. It is made up of healthy substances such as calcium, phosphorous, zinc, Vitamin A and B12. Cheese that is rich in protein helps in growing solid muscles. For Langer, the key to staying in shape is to be mindful of the amount of food being consumed rather than sacrificing a favorite treat. "Anything fat-free is just not satisfying. If you keep your portion size in check, going low-fat or even full-fat shouldn't ruin your diet," Langer said.

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