Robert De Niro's Planned Carribean Resort Opposed by Locals

Nov 28, 2015 08:29 PM EST | By Eva Etha Marie Monares

The renowned Oscar-winning actor, Robert De Niro plans to build an exclusive resort in the Caribbean; and locals and some policymakers are expressing their strong opposition against it.

According to The Guardian, Robert De Niro is accompanied by Australian billionaire, James Packer in this business venture. The two are planning to construct a huge resort in Barbuda. The super resort will occupy 391-acre of the island. The proposed plan is facing critical issues from some locals though. The opposition is blaming Barbuda's government for violating the rights of the island's citizens, just to hasten the approval of the plan.

Barbuda is one of the few islands in the Caribbean that is still undeveloped. This astonishing island is only enjoyed by few numbers of guests. The island seems to have endless white and pink sand beaches. It was so enchanting that Barbuda was the favorite place Princess Diana visited in the Caribbean.

The "Paradise Found" bill was passed by the Antigua and Barbuda legislature. The new law provides De Niro and Packer a 25-year tax holiday in exchange for the construction of the beachfront resort. The resort will have a yacht marina, eco-lodge, and a new airport on the island.

News on Breitbart's website said that the approval of the law was mainly for De Niro and Packer's project. The $250 million project will be on the K Club site, which was abandoned and closed in 2004.

Harold Lovell, the leader of the opposition said that the island's government doings are wrong. He added, "A very bad precedent has been set. Every other investor could legitimately claim the wish to have some parliamentary force to give them whatever they desire."

The construction of the mega-resort will provide hundreds of jobs to the locals. However, opponents are greatly worried about how the legislative body handled the public land deals. People against the plan said that they are not against the development in the resort and the island, but there are just certain things that were handled incorrectly.

Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne is apprehensive in pushing the project, even though there is a possibility that De Niro and Packer will back out of the resort.

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