Stay Full with the Right Plant-Based Diet

Dec 01, 2015 07:14 AM EST | By Pao Uychiat


Vegans or vegetarians choose this kind of lifestyle to stay healthy. No meat diet. However, do you ever wonder if they also go hungry? Are vegetables enough to make you feel full even without meat? An article in Stuff showed a detailed way to stay fit and healthy without meat.

Some people has misunderstood the weight of plant based food to our body. Being healthy doesn't mean you won't eat any meat at all. If possible, you eat more plants than meat to keep a balanced diet. Everybody has a different diet, which simply means that the result will also be different.

There are many diets that are recommended but still in the experimental stages. Some foods that are included in your diet will make you feel good and sadly some won't. Before attempting to switch to a certain diet, make sure to tune in your body and see how it reacts. It is important to remember that there is no diet that is for all.

Diets help the body when done correctly. Plant based diets offer a synergistic and bio-available macro and micro nutrients that can help improve and restore health, cleanse the body, boost the immune system and facilitate good digestion that can leave you a lighter feeling and a healthy glow as well.

Studies show that high in whole foods diets help lower the chances of weight gain, have metabolic syndrome diabetes and more. Let's look at some things that can be considered when choosing to go vegan without the fear of being hungry.

Serving size is on the top of the list. For animal products the kilojoules is higher as compared to plant-based food, so portions need to be estimated well. Give your body the opportunity to fill up on good food and let it adjust. You may include gluten free, nuts and vegetables.

Flavor is also important. Cracked pepper, sea salt and fresh herbs can do the trick. Tasty dressings can also make a difference in salads. While at work, you should keep your energy up by eating plant-based snacks such as nut, seed, raw chocolate, green smoothies, fresh fruits or cold pressed vegetable juices.

Keep these things in mind and a lot more tips and you'll be on your way to a healthier vegan choice and lifestyle. 

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