5 Easy Ways to Care for The Neck and Avoid Chronic Pain and Injury

Dec 04, 2015 10:10 AM EST | By A. M.

Neck pain is not a sign of aging - not always. Neck pain may frequently occur even in younger generations. In point of fact, it affects one out of four individuals in the US.

Dr. Hugh MacPherson and his colleagues from the University of York in the United Kingdom further affirm: "Neck pain is a leading cause of disability globally, and management of chronic neck pain is complex...Persons with this condition often seek complementary health care, such as acupuncture or Alexander Technique lessons, but evidence is lacking on long-term health outcomes."

While this is so, not many people are aware how many of what they do can potentially hurt or damage the human neck. Not only accidental circumstances such as whiplash and falls or biological such as tumors and growths but also habitual practices such as bad posture can create both temporary and chronic neck pain.

Dr. Alfred Bonati, at the Bonati Spine Institute in Florida says: "Whenever you see some people the neck is all the way down and playing (with their phones) and that position is going to be a problem."

He also advices that these pains should not be ignored and must be taken seriously. The sooner the cause is determined the sooner any required remedy or correction may be administered. In certain cases, the treatment may even require surgery. These are the cases where treatment should not be delayed. Dr. Bonati shares that during such procedures they touch the nerves of the patient and ask them to confirm if the area they are touching is the area were the pain emanates.  

Here are a few practices to care for the neck and avoid chronic neck pain or injury:

1. Stretch regularly 

2. Apply either a hot bottle or an ice pack when in pain

3. Maintain posture awareness at all times

4. Apply ergonomically healthy practices, such as using the speaker when on the phone, avoiding furnitures that create discomfort, using firm pillows that have the right height

5.  If the pain persists up to three months, seek medical help right away.

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