'Skin Deep' Things Your Hair and Nails Imply About Your Health

Dec 07, 2015 01:10 AM EST | By abbie uychiat


Most individuals would usually worry on how their hair and nails would look like, without even considering the bigger picture. When one would talk about hair, its length, cut, and color is usually discussed, same as with the nails, on which nail polish would look best.  Though taking these things into consideration can be a big bonus in terms of looking good, one must also consider it's 'health'. Try to double check if your nails and hair are healthy, as it has a lot to say about your health.

As per Caring website, there's a lot more to look for than how we would look in the outside. Hair and scalp care usually gives out a lot of clues when it comes to one's health conditions.

Dermatologist, Victoria Barbosa, MD, who runs Millennium Park Dermatology in Chicago stated that hair responds to numerous health problems such as stress, and numerous psychological illness.  

"We used to think hair was just dead protein, but now we understand that a whole host of internal conditions affect the health of our hair, our hair responds to stress, both the physical stressors of disease and underlying health issues, and psychological stress."

As per the website, having a dry, limp, and thin feeling hair is associated with major illnesses. Ruling out the fact that one does not blow dry, or use damaging chemicals, limp, dry, and thin-feeling hair can be an indication of hypothyroidism.

Though it is just one of the indications, it may also indicate that your body lacks basic nutrients to make both your hair and nails glow and look healthy.

Cure Joy website suggested that one should start consuming food rich in beta carotene which is usually found in carrots, squash, and spinach. Consuming food rich in vitamin e, vitamin c, and biotin is great for hair and nails as well. Lentils, sweet potatoes, salmon, walnuts, and whey protein are excellent sources to have a glowing hair and healthy nails.

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