Take A Look at the Real Life 'Back To The Future II' Self-Drying Jacket [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Dec 09, 2015 08:10 AM EST | By Martha Ignacio

"Back to the Future II" has definitely given a lot of inspiration for us today. Actually - it even gave us a lot of ideas: the hoverboard, and the Nike self-lacing shoes, among many other things.

Even though Back to the Future day has long passed, a new startup company is creating a real life self-drying jacket, also inspired by the film. Check out at the actual photos here.

What's probably the most impressive about the jacket is how similar it looks to the original one featured in the film. Mashable reports:

"A startup called Falyon is making fans and their fantasies come alive with almost a complete replica of the jacket seen in the 1989 film. Called the SDJ (Self-Drying Jacket)-01, the item launched its campaign on Kickstarter."

As it turns out, the company's founders have been working on the jacket for over a year now, after creating the jacket's similar design. Falyon co-founder Aaron Coleman told the publication:

"We went through many frustrating failures and many ruined jackets. [...] We weren't sure if the tech existed to bring these jackets to life. [...] We spend the summer refining the design, racing against time as were determined to bring the self-drying jacket to life in 2015. We purposely set the funding to end early because we want everyone to be able to say 'self-drying jackets were real in 2015.'"

The jacket imitates practically every detail as the one in "Back to the Future II." Not only does it boast the same red torso and black sleeves, but it can also be activated with a simple push of a button.

The power button then instantly turns on three exhaust vents on the left, right, and central back of the jacket, to inflate and naturally, dry the apparel.

In addition, the SDJ-01 makers note that the drying capabilities of the jacket can even be extended further: the cool/dry air can be directed to a person's face and hair. Like the average hair dryer, the jacket redirects the air using extreme high pressure.

Take a look at the SDJ-01 features in the photo here.

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