Brei Larson is 'Beyond Honored' with Golden Globe Nomination for 'Room'

Dec 11, 2015 07:19 AM EST | By abbie uychiat

The actress behind the motion picture 'Room', Brei Larson portrayed a stunning role for the film. Her character Ma was abducted by a man as a teen in which he would continually rape her. She then gave birth to her son Jack. She and her son were imprisoned in their backyard.

She created a fantasy world for her 5 year old son to shield him from the harsh reality.

Brie Larson, who was nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama, for Room shared her excitement upon knowing about her nomination to which she told Entertainment Weekly:

"Wow. My deepest thanks to the HFPA - I am beyond honored, grateful, thrilled and every other imaginable emotion to be in the company of such an inspirational group of women, and to share this morning's recognition with Emma, Lenny, the entire cast and crew ofRoom, as well as Amy Schumer and the cast and crew of Trainwreck. What a morning! And thanks to Jacob Tremblay - you have made every day of this journey magic."

She then posted a throwback Instagram photo of their shoot which she then captioned:

Almost exactly a year ago this photo was taken after completing the last scene, on the last day of filming @roomthemovie. There were so many emotions: the worry that maybe we screwed it up, the pain of saying goodbye to my newly found family, and the anticipation of knowing it would someday be shared with the world. Hearing the @goldenglobesnominations this morning reminded me of all the hard work and dedication we put into this project. As people we must keep trying, evolving and participating in this life without knowing what the future holds. Sometimes it pays off in a very surreal way. I am so filled with love for the many people who helped make this film the beautiful thing that it is. Thank you #HFPA for recognizing this labor of love. And thank you to all the ticket holders who took the time to take in a film we love so much. Congrats Emma, congrats Lenny, congrats Joan and Jacob. I cannot wait to hug and toast you. I'm feeling all the things this morning.

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