Junk Food Is Killing America

Dec 10, 2015 11:40 PM EST | By Lyka Darna

America is now known as a country where fast food is well embraced, and unfortunately it is killing people. Junk food is easily available wherever you go, which makes it hard for anyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Others can fight it and continue to eat healthy, but that would take a lot of will power and sometimes, serious discipline to make it work.

A book called 'How Not To Die' written by Dr. Michael Greger reveals the many mistakes Americans make when it comes to their eating habits. Hometown Life quoted the author saying, "It's very hard to eat healthy in America," which is something many would agree on.

This happens because of the many food companies continually producing and releasing junk food. It is hard to put a stop to them because they make a lot of money out of it. Junk food is cheaper to sell and it is more affordable to the public because the production of these kinds of food is also cheap. These companies are using cheaper ingredients, not to mention fake ones to lure people into buying their products even more.

Real ingredients are more expensive, especially when they are organic. This book by Greger will help open the minds of Americans with regards to their eating lifestyle. Obesity and other deadly diseases could be solved by first changing the way you eat and turning it into a healthy one.

Awareness is key in this subject and it would prevent a lot of people from suffering from cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and many other illnesses if only they would say goodbye to their poor eating habits.

Dr. Greger is famous for his work, therefore establishing his credibility to talk about this topic.

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