The Mediterranean Diet, A Healthy, Organic Award Winning Diet Lengthens Life

Dec 15, 2015 07:40 AM EST | By J. Navarra

You may have tried diets that are found in books and exercise manuals but Princess Ngozi Kachikwu is an award winning author that has developed a global diet comprised of ethnic and cross culture foods that not only treats malnourished children but lengthens life.

The Mediterranean is a life-long living lifestyle which focuses on nutrition, anti-stress behaviors, and a life not centered on money which is why the culture was declared as a Immaterial Human Heritage by UNICCO in 2010.

This is the only diet to have been regognized like this because of its long-life and anti-aging culture. The diet itself is an investment in fresh food and is known to have prevented many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, stroke, cancer and cholesterol. 

Studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet has 70% more life expectancy and 80% improvement of quality of life. It centers around large amounts of vegetables, fruit cereals and pulses with fish, olive oil, and mild alcohol consumption. 

It has been found that the diet itself can stop your brain from shrinking when you get older. 

This is the diet Princess Ngozi promotes with the flavours of Malta, as reports indicated.

The award winning author of "The Dishes of Africa" is a best seller under Barnes and Nobles USA. As a passionate individual towards women and infant health, she initiated a program known as W.I.C. which is campaigned in African and Middle Eastern countries. 

The Delta State, Nigerian born Kachikwu, born to the Royal Family of the late Okweleigwe of Onicha-Ugbor, retired Federal High Court Judge, Justice F.O. Kachikwu and Barr. Josephine Kachikwu, is well travelled and has documented information on women and children around the globe. 

Whatever diet you may choose for yourself, it is still wise and best to consult your local physician for better recommendation and diagnosis.

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